Best Warzone stock attachment: stats reveal strongest stock on each weapon

. 8 months ago
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New stats from Warzone guru TrueGameData make deciding on a stock incredibly simple, with there being a clear strongest option depending on the weapon class being used.

Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith (and the weapon customization in games that has followed) means that Warzone players have plenty of choices when it comes to weapon stocks – attachments that bridge the gap between weapon and shoulder.

In previous Call of Duty games, a stock generally allowed players to move faster while aiming down sights, but their benefits have varied since Modern Warfare introduced multiple variations of the attachment.

Gunsmith from Modern Warfare
Gunsmith is in Warzone, so players have tonnes of options when it comes to attachments.

An October 16 YouTube video from Warzone stats guru TrueGameData revealed exactly which stock to use depending on your loadout. Thankfully, it’s very simple to figure out.

On ARs, the 6th stock option (the final one players unlock) will be the best option. This gives players a 39% movement speed boost while ADS, and an 11% increase to ADS firing movement speed. This is compared 39% and 5% with the 5th stock option (the penultimate one players unlock).

For SMGs, on the other hand, players will always want to use the 5th stock option. This brings a 15% boost to ADS movement speed, 7% to ADS movement speed while firing, and 6% when firing not ADS. The 6th stock, though, will only bring a 10% boost to ADS movement speed and a 6% boost to ADS movement while firing.

TGD did caveat this by explaining that some open bolt weapons may benefit from stock 6, but the majority of SMGs are best run with the 5th stock option.

In terms of other weapon categories, TGD explained that LMGs and Tactical Rifles vary too much to offer a general consensus, while sniper rifles will largely benefit from stock 5 if players opt for this attachment.

Obviously, there will be some variation in your chosen stock depending on your play style, but TGD’s stats make the benefits of his tips undeniable.

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