CoD Vanguard leaks reveal first look at new Gunsmith: 10 attachments, weapon perks, more

CoD Vanguard GunsmithActivision

New Call of Duty Vanguard leaks have given us our first look at the upcoming Gunsmith, revealing max weapon levels, attachments, perks, and a whole lot more.

With each new CoD title comes an all-new Gunsmith allowing players to modify their loadouts and fine-time particular weapons. Just days into Vanguard’s Alpha and we already have our first look at this year’s iteration.

Vanguard appears to be keeping in line with the past few games, maintaining a similar Gunsmith to those featured in Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Warzone.

Based on this early look, however, tons of additional intel has also spilled out. From specific attachments to the maximum weapon level and everything in between, here’s what we know about Vanguard’s Gunsmith.

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CoD Vanguard Gunsmith revealed

Vanguard’s new Gunsmith was first revealed in a leaked screenshot from prominent CoD dataminer ‘TheMW2Ghost.’

The image revealed an STG44 Assault Rifle in the Gunsmith. This classic AR appeared at the starting level, with just a Muzzle, Optic, and Stock available.

Vanguard’s Gunsmith features two tabs, one for Attachments and one to Customize guns with various cosmetics. The leaked screen also included the typical weapon stats displayed in the bottom left.

CoD Vanguard weapons have 10 attachments?

Vanguard EngineSledgehammer Games
Vanguard’s weapons appear to have room for 10 attachments in total.

Perhaps the biggest tidbit from the latest Vanguard leaks is that weapons appear to have room for 10 attachments. The STG Gunsmith image shows 1/10 attachments equipped at the starting level, with a Spitfire MK.3 Reflector Optic taking up the first slot.

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There’s no telling how powerful weapons might become with 10 attachments equipped all at once if that indeed ends up being the case. Though it would certainly be a steep increase from the likes of Warzone, which allows for just five in comparison.

In fact, most weapons in Warzone today don’t even have room for 10 separate types of attachments, with most guns providing eight or nine categories in total.

CoD Vanguard max weapon level confirmed

While this batch of leaks pertains to the STG specifically, it indicates the current max weapon level in Vanguard is 71.

This means you’ll be able to progress your weapons 70 times in total, unlocking unique attachments and perks with each level.

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Given this intel was pulled from an early build of Vanguard, however, it’s worth noting that this progression system may not be final. There’s every chance things change in the leadup to launch, with more weapon levels being added or taken away.

CoD Vanguard weapon attachments and perks

Along with the Gunsmith screenshot came a full list of weapon attachments pulled from the Alpha. All 71 unlocks once again pertain to the STG but indicate many that could be available across the AR category as a whole.

Not only were specific attachments revealed, but so too were weapon perks. From ‘Nerves of Steel’ to ‘Heavy Hitter,’ there’s currently no telling what benefits these perks may provide.

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The full list of leaked Vanguard attachments can be found below.

As we’re still months out from the November 5 release, keep in mind that everything here is subject to change. These leaks stem from an early build of Vanguard and already be different in the latest version of the game.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here with all the latest as Vanguard’s release draws near.