Aydan pulls off ridiculous 200iQ Warzone play to get 90 kill trios game

Aydan warzone playTwitch: Aydan / Activision

Warzone streamer Aydan is widely regarded as one of the very best talents in the game, currently the holder of two world records, and with plays like these, it’s no surprise why.

In order to get a high-kill game in Warzone, you need a few things. First, you’ll need to be a talented slayer, and the same for your teammates if you’re playing in a squad.

Next, you’ll need a good start, landing at a busy place and mowing down teams at a high-rate consistently. But, lastly, you need a lot of opponents to respawn – therefore increasing the total number of killable opponents.

If you’re as good as Aydan, you will take every possible advantage – even donating money to an enemy team to encourage them to respawn their dead teammates.

Warzone player using a buy stationActivision
Why not just let your enemy get their teammate back for the extra kill?

Aydan helps enemy respawn teammate

On his March 2 stream, with only one opposing team left, Aydan’s squad, featuring Rated and SuperEvan, was just short of the 90 kill mark they were going for. Mathematically, they couldn’t reach it with only 2 opponents left. But, Aydan had other ideas.

He quickly pushed the final two enemies, eliminating one fully. Then, instead of cleaning up the final enemy and winning the game, the streamer dropped his entire stack of cash and ran – enough for the enemy to buy back their recently eliminated teammate.

With a bus station just in reach, the enemy did exactly what Aydan counted on.

Just as everything went to plan, the team picked off the final two opponents, wrapping up their 90 kill game in the process. Aydan clocked 29, while Rated and SuperEvan managed 33 and 28 kills respectively.

Although it’s not a world record (the current record for trios stands at a ridiculous 129 kills by dizi, xDaltt, and DonLucky), a 90 kill game is better than the majority of players will ever achieve.

We’re not recommending players start using this trick all the time, as unless you’re as good as Aydan, and have teammates as good as Rated and Evan, this risky strategy could easily backfire. But it shows the ingenuity top players are using now in pursuit of higher and higher kills.