Aydan promises to get Scump tattoo if he wins World Series of Warzone again

Ryan Lemay

The ongoing debate between Warzone and Call of Duty pros may finally end, as Aydan promised to get a Scump tattoo if he wins the World Series of Warzone again.

Warzone and CoD multiplayer are different in gameplay and playstyle, yet the CDL off-season sparked a debate between both sets of pros over who is more talented.

A series of 1v1’s on CoD Vanguard painted a much different picture, proving that Warzone skills may be transferable to the CDL. Warzone star Biffle beat Boston Breach’s Methodz and Shotzzy, and Aydan defeated Seattle Surge’s Sib.

Now it’s the CDL’s turn to enact revenge and prove their skill on Warzone. We already got a taste of the crossover in 2021 when Scump won the $100,000 Solo YOLO World Series of Warzone match.

Scump returns to the World Series of Warzone in 2022, competing alongside Methodz and TimTheTatman in the Trios tournament as well as defending his crown in the Solo YOLO, and Aydan made a comical friendly wager if the CoD legend repeats as champion.

Aydan promises to get a Scump tattoo if he wins WSOW

During a stream, Aydan said, “If Scump wins, I will literally get a tattoo that says Scump is the best Warzone player.”

Scump responded, “if we win the trio event, I will literally never touch CoD again.”

Aydan doubled down on his tattoo wager and claimed, “If Scump wins WSOW tomorrow, I will get a tattoo that says “Scump is my daddy.”

Scump asked if that applied to Solos or Trios, and Aydan responded, “either.”

Scump admitted to not playing Caldera in the past two months but did not back down from making his own tattoo wager.

The World Series of Warzone NA Finals kicks off on Wednesday, September 7, at 1 PM PT. Several other former and current CDL pros are throwing their name in the hat for a chance at $300,000, including Apathy, Slacked, Rated, Censor, Nero, and Tommey.

After a less than conclusive performance in Vanguard, the CDL pros have a lot to prove in Warzone’s biggest tournament of the year.

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