Warzone stars Aydan & Biffle shock CDL pros in Vanguard 1v1s

aydan and methodz on vanguard dome mapActivision/New York Subliners/Boston Breach

Warzone stars Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad and Biffle decided it was finally time to settle the debate between Warzone and Call of Duty League pros — and while they didn’t win all their matches in dominant fashion, they definitely left the CDL pros a little red-faced.

During the off-season, there has been an ongoing debate over whether Warzone pros could step into the CoD League players’ space and cause an upset against them, or vice versa.

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While most believe that the regular Call of Duty pros would make light work of most Warzone stars, a series of 1v1s held on Vanguard on August 28 proved it might not be entirely as clear-cut as some expect.

With Aydan and Biffle challenging CDL pros to prove they really are superior, several competitors stepped up to the plate — but they weren’t all successful.

On Sunday, August 28, a number of CoD pros decided to pick up their controllers again for the first time since the Call of Duty League Championship and answer the call of Warzone’s finest.

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The 1v1 Free For All matches took place on Vanguard, right on the playground of these CDL stars, playing across maps like Dome and Bocage.

Answering the call was Boston Breach’s Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni, Toronto Ultra Academy player Thomas ‘Scrappy’ Ernst, Seattle Surge’s Daunte ‘Sib’ Grat, and retired pro Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto.

It quickly became clear that Aydan and Biffle were no slouches, however. While they have obviously played a lot more CoD of late, most would argue they stand no chance against CDL players, but across four matches they actually went 2-2 against their competition.

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Here were the full results for the 1v1 matches:

  • Methodz 1-2 Biffle
  • ZooMaa 1-0 Aydan
  • Scrappy 2-0 Aydan
  • Sib 0-2 Aydan

The debate of Warzone vs CDL pros first really took off when Sib responded to Aydan, who claimed that a team of Warzone pros could beat a CDL team in Hardpoint “if they really tried.”

Sib responded saying that they “wouldn’t even stand a chance against Paris Legion,” a team that has consistently been one of the poorest performing in the league.

ZooMaa uploaded his match against Aydan to his YouTube channel, but you can also watch the matches in Biffle’s Twitch VOD on the day.

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There’ll no doubt be more 1v1s over the coming weeks as pros on either side of the battlefield want to fight their battles.

More importantly for the Warzone guys, though, the World Series of Warzone is fast approaching — and they’ll want to fight to earn their share of the $300k prize pool in each region.