Team HusKerrs & Scump win big in $400K NA World Series of Warzone event: Final results

World series of warzone logo with Verdansk backgroundActivision

The North American World Series of Warzone Duos tournament is now behind us Team Swagg closed out the full win while HusKerrs & Newbz locked in their place as the top Duo and King Scump won $100K in the Solo Yolo lobby. Here’s a complete recap of how the major event unfolded.

  • Team Swagg wins overall Duos event.
  • HusKerrs & Newbz were the top Duo on the day.
  • Scump wins $100K Solo Yolo lobby.
  • $400,000 was up for grabs in total.

As Verdansk nears its end, Warzone’s finest just dropped in for what’s likely to be the final World Series of Warzone event on the original map. A staggering $400,000 was up for grabs with $300K for the Duos portion and a separate $100K for one lucky winner in the Solo lobby.

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If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of how it all played out.

World Series of Warzone NA Duos: Final Placements

Placement Team Total Score
1st Team Swagg 461
2nd Team Scump 422
3rd Team HusKerrs 404
4th Team TeePee 342
5th Team ShawnJGaming 340

World Series of Warzone NA Duos: Duo Standings

Placement Duo Points Prize
1st HusKerrs & Newbz 90.5 $40,000
2nd DiazBiffle & SuperEvan 86.5 $30,000
3rd Tommey & Almond 76.5 $20,000
4th TheJCBaby & Drifts_TW 63 $16,000
5th Bbreadman & Skullface49 60.5 $12,000
6th Zsmit & Zcolorss 59.5 $10,000
7th Aydan & Rated 57 $8,000
8th Chrxnicle_ & TheDezmond 54 $6,000
9th Flxnked & Bartonologist 53.5 $4,000
10th Nickool & Picknickbasket 52 $3,600

World Series of Warzone NA Duos: Results & Recap

With one of the biggest prize pools to date, Duos were locked in from the jump and ready to stake their claim in the $300K tournament. Everyone was pushing for not just kills, but higher placements in the five custom lobbies, as every point was crucial.

While it was a closely contested affair throughout, Team Swagg had a huge lead going into the final match. Meanwhile, Team Scump and Team HusKerrs were just three points apart jockeying for second place. Ultimately, neither could close the gap as Swagg’s drafted Duos pulled ahead for the full win.

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In terms of specific Duos, however, HusKerrs & Newbz were unstoppable on the day. The veterans paired up and tore through Verdansk to claim the $40,000 first-place bonus.

World Series of Warzone NA Duos: Streams & Schedule

No different from previous WSOW events, this round was hosted on the official Twitch Rivals channel embedded above.

Not only that, but fans were also able to watch top streamers from their own personal channels too.

The duo tournament all kicked off on November 17 at 12 PM PT (3 PM ET/8 PM GMT), with the Solo YOLO tournament following it immediately after.

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World Series of Warzone NA: Duos format

If you’re familiar with previous WSOW events, you’ll feel right at home here once again. As per usual, Duos dropped into a series of custom lobbies. Throughout these games, players were awarded based on their kills and their placement.

Below is a quick breakdown of the scoring structure:

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  • 1st: 2x Point Multiplier
  • 2nd – 15th: 1.5x Point Multiplier
  • 16th+: 1x Point Multiplier

In typical WSOW fashion, it’s not just the individual performance that matters, however. Captains drafted their own teams which ultimately work towards a common goal of securing the Captain’s Cup for additional prize money.

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World Series of Warzone NA Duos prize pool

Here’s how much each duo earned based on their final placement in the tournament:

Placement Prize money earned
1st $40,000
2nd $30,000
3rd $20,000
4th $16,000
5th $12,000
6th $10,000
7th $8,000
8th $6,000
9th $4,000
10th $3,600
11th $3,400
12th $3,200
13th $2,800
14th $2,600
15th $2,400
16th-25th $2,000
26th-35th $1,600

World Series of Warzone NA: Solo YOLO

After the main tournament, there was also a 150-person Solo YOLO lobby, in which all 150 players dropped in by themselves and the winner secured the entire prize pool. Ultimately, it was CoD veteran Scump who took home a whopping $100,000 for winning a single game.

A ridiculous clutch in the final moments saw the OpTic star take out the full prize.

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World Series of Warzone NA Duos: Captains & Teams

From competitive CoD veterans to the most popular Warzone streamers, there were plenty of fan favorites leading the charge this time around.

Below is a full look at every captain and Duo in the latest World Series of Warzone event.

World Series of Warzone NA Captains:

World Series of Warzone captainsActivision
The next World Series of Warzone captains have been confirmed.

The captains for the World Series of Warzone were HusKerrs, Swagg, TeePee, Scump, and ShawnJGaming.

These captains drafted their full teams for the $300,000 portion of the tournament. You can check up on all of the confirmed duos below.

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World Series of Warzone teams

Team HusKerrs

HusKerrs & Newbz Repullze & LuckyChamu TheDanDangler & BisaG10 OPMarked & Devious exzachtt & Braalik
ShadedStep & Reidboyy knight & Speros_ SweeetTails & Infamous Mason queenshadows & GangstazSalute88 Karma & Dougisraw
Ottereyes & Mayappo Accuracy & Pred MarkClarkk & gr8py p90princess & youavs Angelwalks & Sirciz

Team Swagg

Swagg & Booya Tommey & Almond MRagsTV & Ebatez its_iron & wagnificent Holly & Lachlannn6
bbreadman & skullface49 Boobypoffgaming & babydillster TheBoiSantana & Djmas23 jessiecooks & ForeignJase Bloo & Fukluvey
Kestico & Mingod jsmoothhd & spreezyy_ ElUltimoCirculo & Elpander69 Asim6 & ClassicNPD zSmit & zColorss

Team TeePee

TeePee & FormaL IceManIsaac & Oakleyboiii Crimsix & Clayster JoeWo & Stukawaki Frozone & aHTracT12
gabbydm & zJelly Kruzadar & Maazz_ Sebasberon & cxrrupt jordy2d & Royalize_ Crowder & NiicoInfinite
Destroy & ZLaner Aydan & Rated aircool & LonnieOP Nadia & Lonnerdd RumblexI & Twitch_Medic

Team Scump

Scump & Shotzzy BrittneyRaines & HisokaT42 DiazBiffle & SuperEvan RLaw & McVeyAT SenseiSwishem & InTechs
iSmixie & GoatClamp Blazt & MuTeX LEGIQN & sloppyharry Apathy & Slacked Nickool & PicNICKbasket
NuFo & JaredFPS elded & nephtunie Neslo & DMTheoryy Flxnked & Bartonologist Chrxnicle_ & TheDezmond

Team ShawnJGaming

ShawnJGaming & Emsage BossLadyLily & Scriptehh metaphor & ShiftyTV Skyrroztv & thehoboo Proze & ttvcasperv
UnRationaL & ScummN NobuSpartan & Blingcjay FeLo & Braxtvn OvergirlTV & IkesNasty Mackmelts & Sib
Squid0044 & ThatGingerGrl QueenBitty & Envailed_ BIN3R & skrxface1 ItsEyeQew & Arrayyz thejcbaby & Drifts_TW