Aydan reveals Warzone 2 return just weeks after taking “step away”

aydan in youtube video talking about warzone 2YouTube: Aydan

Aydan has announced his return to Warzone 2 for Season 3 and the World Series of Warzone, just days after revealing that he would be taking a step back from the game, leading many to believe he had quit for good.

The months since Warzone 2’s launch have been a trying time for players, but for those who relied on the original title as a competitor or content creator, it’s caused them to take a wider look at their careers and question whether remaining on the Call of Duty BR was a good long-term decision.

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With many top competitors and streamers in the BR pivoting to other titles or expanding their portfolio a little by streaming different games, Aydan was no different, explaining on March 27 that he wanted to take a step away from the game, calling it “stale” and saying he was “super disappointed” with the competitive side of the game.

He did mention in the video that he wanted to wait and see what came with Season 3 before putting a nail in the Warzone 2 coffin for good, and after the announcement of the $1.2m World Series of Warzone, it looks like the game is set to become his number one title once again.

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Aydan returns to Warzone for Season 3 & WSOW

In a video posted on April 10, Aydan explained that he had originally only planned to stay away from Warzone 2 until Season 3 came out, so he could see whether they made the right changes to make the game better.

He then explained that he would be playing in the World Series of Warzone alongside Adrian and Rhys ‘Rated’ Price.

“I’ve made plans to come back,” he said while watching the WSOW announcement video. “I never quit Warzone, I think this is something that people get a little bit confused with the video that I made … All I was doing was taking my time away and waiting for Season 3 and some more competitive stuff to come out before I felt like I wanted to play again.”

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He continued: “When I made the decision before, it wasn’t to prove a point. People misunderstand that. I wasn’t being petty or trying to prove a point and quit playing so they would ‘fix the game.’ I genuinely wasn’t having fun with the game…

“But with this being announced, I’m definitely going to be hopping back in to Warzone 2, get back to the grind, start practicing customs, all that stuff, because I want to win this bad boy right here.”

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Aydan even went on to joke about wanting to get revenge on Scump in the SoloYolo portion of the World Series tournament, avenging the lost 1v1 that cost him $100k back in 2021 to the now-retired Call of Duty pro.

Needless to say, every top competitor and streamer will be looking to qualify for the World Series of Warzone’s LAN finals in September, but there’s still a lot of qualifier matches to get through until then.

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