Aydan claims Warzone 2 is “least skillful” battle royale ever

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Aydan has labeled Warzone 2 as the “easiest” battle royale, claiming that games like Apex Legends have a much higher skill ceiling.

Warzone 2 continues to be contentious amongst the game’s casual and competitive community, with many pro players voicing their frustrations. Many of the common complaints stem from the removal of slide canceling and the incredibly fast TTK, which leaves very little room for outplay potential.

One player that continues to blast Warzone 2 is professional Call of Duty player, Aydan. The popular content creator has been very vocal when it comes to sharing his disappointment surrounding Warzone 2’s launch.

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In fact, Aydan previously stated that he has been feeling “burnt out” over the current state of the game. However, one of the major issues that the streamer has now highlighted is that Warzone 2 doesn’t have a high skill ceiling when compared to other battle royale games.

Aydan slams Warzone 2 as the “easiest” battle royale

During his recent Warzone 2 stream, Aydan explained his thoughts on how Warzone 2 stacks up when compared to other battle royale games. “I would always say Warzone was the least skillful BR out of the three,” said Aydan. “Even with the slide canceling, Apex definitely has a higher skill gap. With all the abilities and sh*t, it’s not even close.”

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Aydan has previously complained that the quick TTK is largely down to the game’s lack of skill, but now the streamer believes Warzone 2 has become extremely casual. “I would say Warzone is literally the easiest shooter battle royale,” the streamer responded.

This notion is also shared by Dr. Disrespect, who also believes Apex Legends is the “hardest” shooter with “very skilled players”. Whether a Warzone ranked mode will change both streamers’ opinions remains to be seen, but for now, Aydan continues to voice his frustrations over the latest CoD title.

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