Aydan highlights biggest Modern Warfare 2 beta issues to be fixed before release

James Busby
Aydan streaming

Popular Warzone streamer Aydan has outlined his current issues with Modern Warfare 2 and the things that need to be fixed before the game’s release date.

The Modern Warfare 2 open beta is in full swing, giving CoD fans the chance to delve into the intense firefights and adrenaline-fueled action. So far, streamers have been largely positive of the gameplay and Warzone 2 map, but there have also been a number of issues that have cropped up.

While Modern Warfare 2 is still in beta and a number of weeks away from launch, CoD content creator Aydan has outlined a number of problems that need to be addressed. Whether the latest iteration in the Modern Warfare saga has what it takes to become one of the best CoD games of all time, remains to be seen, but these changes will no doubt help.

Aydan on Modern Warfare 2 issues

“I’m not saying the game is bad, but it definitely needs a bit of tuning,” said Aydan. “The time to kill is quick, and the gun and movement mechanics are clunky. “I feel like all the gunfights end up being like, who aims in first and it’s just done.”

While Modern Warfare 2019 greatly relied on pre-aiming and gun placement, the added mobility from slide canceling enabled players to win fights on movement alone. However, the developers have removed this technique from the game, which has brought a more methodical approach to combat.

“I don’t know if you’re pre-aiming, no shot – and the movement’s so clunky you can’t really finesse at all. Then some of the guns are just wonky, they’re like just f*cking single fires and weird stuff. All the ironsights are the same, these are just little things, but the more I’ve been playing [MW2], the more I just feel it’s alright right now.”

The streamer also noted that because of the lack of movement options, the gameplay often devolves into a camp fest with very little movement. “The game’s just very campy right now and I think that the game needs to have more fluidity,” said Aydan.

Aydan was also keen to highlight that Modern Warfare 2 was still in its beta phase, so hopefully, a lot of the streamer’s grievances with the current build can be adjusted before release.

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