Aydan outlines changes Warzone 2 desperately needs to bring him back

Aydan in black NYSL hoodie on Ashika Island in Warzone 2NYSL/Activision

Streaming star Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad has revealed the things he wants Warzone 2 to implement for him to make a return to the battle royale after he finally quit. 

As frustrations have grown around some of the problems plaguing Warzone 2, several content creators have taken a step back from the game. Some are still playing it, but dedicating less time to it than before, while others have completely wiped their hands of the battle royale.

Former Fortnite star Aydan falls into the latter of those, as he has completely stepped away from Warzone 2 in favor of Minecraft, Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer sessions, and even going back to the 2009 version of MW2. 

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Given that his roots are in battle royale games, there are plenty of fans who want to see him back in Al-Mazrah. Well, as that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, he has laid out a few things he wants to see change. 

Aydan reveals Warzone 2 wishlist for him to return to battle royale

The NYSL content creator originally revealed his decision to quit via Twitter, but went more in-depth on things in his April 4 YouTube video, which included his wishlist for changes. 

“One, Ranked play. I think Ranked play is huge for this type of game. I would love to have a Ranked system similar to Apex,” Aydan started, noting that is coming in Season 3 but he doubts that will totally reinvigorate his love for the game. “I want a ban list, I want the time-to-kill to be higher, movement to be increased. I want the game to be in a good spot.”

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Aydan also noted that he wants a number of features that had previously been in Warzone but were removed in Warzone 2 to return. These include streamer mode, deployable buy stations, more movement systems like ziplines, and bunny hopping. 

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Additionally, he also wants the devs to offer more interesting and colorful bundles in the item shop, taking it back to what they had in the original Warzone. 

It remains to be seen if they’ll start ticking these big requests off to make Aydan come back full-time, but for now, he’s got plenty of other options out there.

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