Attach Thinks Almost Every CoD Team Will Make Roster Changes

Matt Porter

Former World Champion and long-time FaZe Clan CoD player Dillon ‘Attach’ Price believes almost every professional Call of Duty team will make roster changes during the offseason.

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While broadcasting on Twitch, Attach was asked which teams he thought would make a team change, Price gave a surprising answer, stating

“Pretty much all of them. That’s my intel for today. Pretty much all of them.”

Attach then went on to explain that he felt it was unlikely that Evil Geniuses, who won the 2018 CWL Championships, would make a change, mainly due to the backlash they may receive for such a decision.

“You can change after winning Champs, but you really can’t. It’s just a bad look.”

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When considering the future of the FaZe line-up which he is currently a member of, Attach stated that they wouldn’t be making a change heading into Black Ops 4, jokingly adding;

“I don’t think we’re making a change. Unless I get dropped, you know, which would be unfortunate.”

Price isn’t the only person to have leaked RosterMania intel so far. FooYa leaked that Kenny was leaving Team Kaliber just days before he was announced as part of the new 100 Thieves squad, and recently the infamous ‘CoDBurner’ has reappeared on Reddit.

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With Black Ops 4 just over a month away, teams have moved quickly to make roster moves in preparation of the upcoming season. Splyce have made sweeping changes to their lineup, with Jurd currently the only player left on the squad after Bance announced free agency, while Kenny and Fero have both joined 100 Thieves.

With the first event of the Black Ops 4 season set for Las Vegas on December 7th, it will be fascinating to watch new squads assemble as they aim to get their year off to a flying start.