Former Team Kaliber Member FooYa Leaks Intel on CoD Pro Kenny’s Future

Former Team Kaliber member and streamer FooYa has given fans some early RosterMania intel, by claiming that Kenny is set to leave the organization.

FooYa, who announced she was parting ways with Team Kaliber on August 20, was live on Twitch when she casually remarked on Kenny’s future with her former team.

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The subject of Kenny was first brought up by a commenter in FooYa’s stream, who claimed he had heard that the reason she had left Team Kaliber because she had fallen in love with Kenny, an idea that brought a hearty chuckle from the streamer.

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In response, FooYa immediately stated “You know Kenny is leaving tK, right?”, adding some credibility to the rumours that Kenny would be leaving the organization during this off season.

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The rumors regarding Kenny Williams’ future on Team Kaliber are nothing new. Back in July, Kenny took to Twitter to criticise tK’s owner Justin ‘KOSDFF’ Chandler for what he felt was a disrespectful prank, where Chandler and Clayton ‘Nuddah’ Huddleston posted a video clip wearing Kenny’s clothes.

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While live on Twitch, Williams went on to add that he couldn’t wait to leave the “trash ass org” and claimed that he wasn’t being paid the minimum CWL Pro League salary.

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If Kenny does leave Team Kaliber, it seems that it won’t take long before the offers start rolling in.

After a Call of Duty: World War II season where he cemented himself as one of the top submachine gun players in the world, Williams found himself as the subject of a congratulatory tweet from Immortals CEO Noah Whinston, while 100 Thieves owner Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has made no secret that his organization intends to pick up a CoD team before the Black Ops 4 season begins.

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The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season officially gets underway at CWL Las Vegas from December 7 to December 9. What organization Kenny will play for at the tournament, still remains to be seen.