Atlanta FaZe players attacked in airsoft drive-by shooting during CDL Major 4

Kurt Perry
atlanta faze players practicing call of duty modern warfare 2

Several Atlanta FaZe players were attacked in a drive-by as multiple men pulled up and shot them with airsoft guns during CDL Major 4.

Going into CDL Major 4, the Atlanta FaZe was considered by many as one of the frontrunners to win the tournament.

After beating Seattle Surge in the Winners Round 1, FaZe fell to LA Thieves in the Winners Round 2. This was followed by wins in Elimination Rounds 3 and 4 but Optic would ultimately best Atlanta to play Thieves in the Winners Final.

Whilst the action on stage should have been the focus, it’s the bizarre airsoft drive-by that went down outside the venue that has the CDL community talking.

Atlanta FaZe team hit in airsoft drive-by returning to the team’s hotel

During a Twitch stream on April 25, Atlanta FaZe player aBezy described the events resulting in him and his teammates being shot in an airsoft drive-by attack.

Recalling the moments leading up to the drive-by, aBezy said: “We had a team dinner and were walking back from the restaurant. I think me, Austin, and Crowder were walking ahead of everyone. We were on the sidewalk pretty close to the hotel and these guys pulled up in a car and screamed.”

The FaZe player continued: “I turned around and it looked like they had a gun pointing out of the window, but it was an airsoft gun or a Nerf gun or something. They all shot us but thankfully we had our hoodies up so it didn’t really hurt. It just felt like something had tapped the back of my sweatshirt.”

Airsoft guns are designed to be replica weapons and often look very realistic. Instead of firing live ammo, they use airsoft pellets, small balls typically made of plastic. Although not lethal, airsoft pellets can be dangerous and have been known to cause blindness.

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