All 31 Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 6 cosmetic bundles revealed

Theo Salaun
warzone modern warfare season 6

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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone cosmetic bundles have been revealed for Season 6, with all 31 packs available for review while a selection randomly rotates across each player’s personal store.

When you log into Modern Warfare or Warzone, you can peruse some of Season 6’s cosmetic bundles in your store tab. But those bundles rotate and you won’t be able to view all 31 at once, while friends may have different ones available to them at different times. 

Fortunately, CoD fans have put in the work and compiled all 31 packs so that you can best plan out your COD Points spending. Like Season 5’s offerings, this season has a ton of cool operators and weapon blueprints, but also some legitimate variety. While a pack like “A Comfortable Death” features a Calling Card of a pin-up girl lounging on the beach with a skull mask, the Warzone Pro Pack features 2,400 COD Points. 

modern warfare warzone season 6 hellhound
Look at the Hellhound. What a good, diabolical boy!

One of the cooler things you can unlock? The “Hellhound” Finishing Move featured in the “Undead Forces: With Hellhound Pet!” bundle. Few things could feel as perfect as executing an enemy on Halloween with an undead hound at your side – especially when you add in the fact that there is expected to be a limited-time mode in Warzone for the Halloween season this year. This mode will start on October 20 and feature a night-time version of Verdansk. 

While every season’s Battle Pass and cosmetic bundles have featured exotic new Opereators and Blueprints, one thing that’s fun to see is the weird accompanying cosmetics. In Season 6’s Battle Pass, you can unlock a variety of wild tracks to play when you’re on a vehicle in Warzone (including DMX’s “Ruff Ryders Anthem”). Fittingly, some cool car skins can also be unlocked in the season’s packs.

modern warfare warzone season 6 suv
Cool car, cooler potential for some DMX Verdansk road trips.

The sky blue and light, burnt orange coloring on the “Contagion” SUV is very smooth, making the “Cleaning Agent” bundle feel like a decent purchase for 1,800 COD Points. The skull painted on its door fits the entire season’s motifs, as many of Season 6’s cosmetics seem to follow October’s spooky energy.

Speaking of fitting the time, perhaps no purchasable cosmetic feels as topical as the “Opposing Forces” Calling Card, which is part of the “Coin Operations II” bundle. While it could be a coincidence, the banner’s characters bear an unmistakable resemblance to one of the most recent hit games: Fall Guys.

opposing forces warzone modern warfare season 6

If we went through every single pack to showcase exciting guns, Operators, and general cosmetics, this would turn into a novel. Instead, you can check out all 31 bundles in all their glory over at CoD Tracker.

There are two particularly interesting Tracer packs, one with a “16bit” particle effect and one with a “Tesla Coil” electric effect. Unfortunately, those have yet to be documented and may require someone buying and showing them off first.