14-year-old Warzone player shocks dad by winning TimTheTatman’s community tourney

Theo Salaun
Twitter, @TimTheTatman

Call of Duty: Warzone turned wholesome when TimTheTatman decided to spontaneously throw a $1,000 tournament for his community – and a 14-year-old ended up winning the event, surprising both his own father and Tim.

For parents, gaming has got to be getting more and more confusing by the day. On the one hand, you probably want your children to focus on classically approved activities like homework and sports.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of money to be made playing video games. If you’re good enough, that is.

And so you can imagine one dad’s surprise when his son not only played in a random TimTheTatman community tournament, but came away with $1,000 for winning it.

14-year-old wins TimTheTatman Warzone tournament

As you can see (or, more accurately, hear) in the clip, there was a lot of excitement to be had. The kid sounds thrilled, Tim sounds thrilled, and the dad sounds very pleasantly surprised.

At one point, you can hear the dad chime in too, in the most fatherly way possible: “I didn’t think he was good enough!” 

Warzone elves
Warzone has elves, guns, and the chance at impressing your father.

With Tim and the kid both laughing at the dad’s casual roast, the entire experience seemed to be a surprisingly wholesome one. Tim was especially fond of the whole father-son element, saying, “That’s so cool that his dad’s there too, man.”

While gaming will still be a somewhat divisive topic among parents, it’s sweet to see this kind of support. Now we just wait to find out if it ends up with the kid spending a little of that money on holiday presents for his supportive pops.

For what it’s worth, the last time a 14-year-old who won a Warzone tournament got to skip school, but also planned on using some of the prize money on a Mother’s Day gift.