Team Swagg wins $100K Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament: Final placements & recap

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toronto ultra warzone tournament season 2

Swagg, Biffle, and Booya closed out the win during Toronto Ultra’s $100K Payout event, taking home the lion’s share of the prize pool at $33K. From the final placements to a full recap of the tournament, here’s everything you need to catch up on the action.

  • Team Swagg secured the overall victory on Day 2.
  • Team Tommey & Team HusKerrs came within just 10 points of stealing the win.
  • Seven teams made it above the 300 point mark during the event.

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone tourney: Placements

$100,000 was up for grabs in Toronto Ultra’s latest Warzone event. As one of the biggest events thus far in 2021, all of the biggest names came out in full force. The world’s top talent battled it out across two days for their shot at the ultimate win. The top Trio claimed $33,000 for their efforts.

Current Placement Team Points
1st Swagg, Booya, DiazBiffle 377
2nd Newbz, Tommey, Almond 371
3rd Metaphor, HusKerrs, Pieman 368
4th Aydan, Rated, SuperEvan 358
5th ClutchBelk, BobbyPoff, Destroy 348
6th Stukawaki, JoeWo, Frozone 344
7th Lenun, Jukeyz, Fifakill 314
8th DougIsRaw, TeePee, Rallied 275

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone tourney: Results & recap

The Ultra’s $100K Warzone tournament took place across two days: Monday, March 1 and Tuesday, March 2, 2021. On each day, matches kicked off at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT, 6 p.m. GMT).

The format followed traditional kill-race rules, with some timing and scoring tweaks. As for prizing, it ranged from $33,000 for the first-place team to $600 for the team that finished 16th.

Day 1: Team Aydan and Team Swagg dominate the field

On Day 1, the field narrowed down from 32 teams to 16 and some familiar faces led the pack. Continuing a run of dominance, Aydan and Rated, joined by SuperEvan, put up a whopping 519 points. Right behind them, though, were Team Swagg — who got an 11.86 K/D from Booya and an insane 12.23 from the newly returned Biffle (per ITZ) to secure 2nd place heading into Day 2.

Unsurprisingly, Team Swagg also got some major highlight plays from Biffle in his return to tournament action. As for the rest of the qualified teams, the majority of renowned names made the cut. At risk of losing his top earner spot, Team HusKerrs managed to secure placement at 12th overall, ensuring he has a chance to stave Aydan off for at least one more day.

Day 1 Placement Team Name Points
1st Team Aydan 519
2nd Team Swagg 495
3rd Team JoeWo 481
4th Team WarsZ 464
5th Team Tommey 448
6th Team Jukeyz 447
7th Team Zlaner 436
8th Team TeePee 433
9th Team FlexZ 424
10th Team JaredFPS 421
11th Team BobbyPoff 418
12th Team HusKerrs 413
13th Team Chowh1 408
14th Team GaGod 388
15th Team IceManIsaac 387
16th Team Izak 385

Here are the full standings after Day 1, including those who didn’t qualify for the prize pool action in Day 2:

toronto ultra warzone tournament leaderboard

Day 2: Team Swagg kept their momentum rolling to secure the win

On the second day of action, things only got more intense as the number of teams dwindled. What started with the Top 16 soon became the Top 8 as popular names like IceManIsaac and ZLaner were knocked out of the running.

Throughout the first game, it was Team Aydan and Team Swagg that came away with a commanding lead. They remained among the Top 2 teams for quite some time, though Tommey and HusKerrs were hot on their heels, even leading the pack at times.

Ultimately, it came down to the wire with a fourth and final game determining everything. The Top 8 teams all finished with 102 points of each other, though Swagg’s Trio proved to be in a class of their own. A consistent display all around led to their first-place finish and a whopping $33,000 cash prize.

Toronto Ultra leaderboard
The final leaderboard at the conclusion of Day 2.

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone tourney: Teams & players

As expected, a wide range of Warzone’s most popular names all dropped in for this monumental event. Team Aydan and Team Tommey stood out as early favorites, as each included numerous players who have won tournaments over the past couple months.

These are the teams for the $100k tournament:

Team Players
Team Tommey Newbz, Tommey, Almond
Team Unrational Blazt, Unrational, MuTeX
Team Flexz Soki, FlexZ, xaxe
Team BobbyPoff ClutchBelk, BobbyPoff, Destroy
Team TeePee DougIsRaw, TeePee, Rallied
Team Swagg Swagg, Booya, DiazBiffle
Team Legiqn Sloppy Harry, Legiqn, MrDaft
Team Aydan Aydan, Rated, SuperEvan
Team Gotaga Mystik, Gotaga, Esk
Team Spratt Jaffanic, Spratt, Trance
Team NuFo KingProdigy, NuFo, Speros
Team Kayzahr Splashed, Kayzahr, Vapulear
Team Theoceaneopz Akyeret, Theoceaneopz, Flxnked
Team Galvanize Revolt, Galvanize, Sasquxtch
Team Izak Leh, Izak, Jerzy
Team Danucd Legendary117s, Danucd, Scoom
Team Warsz Scummn, Warsz, Intechs
Team Jukeyz Lenun, Jukeyz, Fifakill
Team Jaredfps Zcolorss, JaredFPS, Ahtract
Team Chowh1 K4brone, ChowH1, Sackzi
Team Neslo Reedr, Neslo, Fukluvey
Team GaGod Braalik, GaGod, Weez
Team Autumn Kalie, Autumn, Smixie
Team JoeWo Stukawaki, JoeWo, Frozone
Team Pamaj Dirty, Pamaj, Testyment
Team HusKerrs Metaphor, HusKerrs, Pieman
Team Lucky Chamu Repullze, Lucky Chamu, ZSmittyTV
Team Jordy Royalize, Jordy, Aamericathgreat
Team IceManIsaac BBreadman, IceManIsaac, Finessen
Team Wuskin Deleo, Wuskin, LouiCM
Team Pineaqples Jerky, Pineaqples, SupAustyn
Team Covent Casper, Covent, Xamzah
Team ZLaner Picnickbasketgaming, ZLaner, Nickool
Team ImAngelikaa Queenshadows, ImAngelikaa, Senseiswishem
Team Emz P90princess, C9 Emz, Angel
Team SilvaaDude Jstnxs, SilvaaDude, AJ74u


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