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Elgato release long-awaited products for streamers and content creators

Published: 4/Mar/2021 17:28

by Adam Fitch


Consumer technology company Elgato announced three new products on March 4 that will no doubt be of much use to content creators of all sizes.

Known for making products that help people create content in a variety of ways, the three products Elgato have unveiled are of varying functions and necessity. Wave panels for better sound quality, a green screen mouse mat, and light strips are all now available for purchase.

After acquiring design platform Visuals by Impulse in February 2021, Elgato’s parent company CORSAIR are obviously looking to keep up momentum in the battle against Logitech to kit out streamers and content creators.


Perhaps the most timely of the new products is the green screen mouse mat. With the ongoing trend of Pokemon box openings — in which Logan Paul is largely responsible — this mat allows creators to decide exactly what viewers see as they open up packs. It’ll also work well for gamers who want to show off how they execute impressive in-game plays.

Elgato Desk Setup with Light Strips
A beautiful example of Elgato’s new wave panels and light strips in use.

RGB lighting is a staple in many gaming setups, allowing creators and streamers to illuminate their desks and rooms in colors of their choosing. Elgato’s take on the lighting is said to provide over 16 million color options and have “camera-friendly” flicker-free LEDs. They work with Elgato’s stream deck, too.


The wave panels aren’t anything new in the grand scheme of things but they do claim to be better than others on the market for a few reasons. Because the panels are as “light as feathers,” the set-up time is minimal and the hexagonal design means they can be configured in many different ways.

These additions to Elgato’s product offering complement the existing items well. Among their most popular pieces of gear are their Stream Deck control pad, Wave microphones, video-capture products such as the Cam Link, and their key lights.

As well as Elgato and Visuals by Impulse, CORSAIR own custom gaming controller company SCUF Gaming and custom computer-building company ORIGIN PC. They are heavily aiming at the ever-growing economy of online creators through their company portfolio.