Visuals by Impulse join Elgato under CORSAIR ownership to help content creators

Visuals by Impulse acquired by CORSAIRVBI/CORSAIR

Gaming hardware company CORSAIR have purchased Visuals by Impulse, a design platform used by content creators and streamers.

The cost of the acquisition has not been disclosed but it’s said that the platform will “join CORSAIR under its existing Elgato brand” to create a better package for creators.

Founded in 2015, Visuals by Impulse create digital assets, such as stream overlays and widgets, to help creators of all financial means and abilities improve their broadcasts.

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CORSAIR already serve the creator economy through several means. This includes manufacturing and selling gaming equipment through their main brand, as well as creating streamer-specific products through Elgato.

Elgato Streaming EquipmentElgato
Elgato is the go-to brand for streamers, and Visuals by Impulse adds to the dominance from CORSAIR in the sector.

It’s stated that Visuals by Impulse already serve over 200,000 creators in some way, acting as one of the industry’s go-to platforms for graphics, animations, and streaming tools. This acquisition bolsters Elgato’s ability to enable creators to get going and improve the experience for their viewers.

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Dexerto spoke with Caleb Leigh, the founder of Visuals by Impulse, about the reasoning behind the decision to sell the company — including the timing of the sale and how it will change what they offer to customers.

“In order to create seamless product experiences, we wanted to closely work with a company who valued innovation as much as we did,” he told Dexerto. “We’ve spent a lot of time as a team thinking about how we can create a digital unboxing experience with our products, much like Apple does with their physical products. When you purchase a product through VBI, you shouldn’t be met with a bunch of demands to ‘download this’ or ‘do XYZ to customize.’ It should just work. We’re excited to reduce the friction in the setup process more than ever.

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“We just came off our biggest year yet in terms of revenue, so we had a number of options available. For us, this was about better serving creators in a way we never have before. VBI will stand on the shoulders of hardware giants within the Corsair family. Most importantly, Elgato has a number of new products on the horizon that we’re excited to integrate into. I’m talking about creator tools that will forever change how content is created. The timing couldn’t be more right to join forces.”

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Adjusting from being an independent outfit to operating within a corporate environment isn’t always plain sailing, but Leigh and his team are confident in the partner they’ve chosen to move ahead with. While there may be some internal changes, the team behind VBI and their offering will remain.

“With new opportunities come big changes,” he said. “Here are a few you can expect from VBI: heavy focus on Elgato integrations, increased R&D around interactive widgets and online tools, and bringing more opportunities to creatives across the globe than ever before. However, not everything is changing.

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“We’re keeping our entire team intact, our focus on quality over quantity remains unwavering, and our mission stays the same. We’re committed as ever to providing professional design to all streamers — no matter the size of their audience. Beautiful, customizable live-stream design shouldn’t be exclusive to the pros, nor should it break your wallet.”

The design platform has worked directly with the likes of 100 Thieves’ Nadeshot and CouRage, NRG’s LuluLovely, and Jessica Blevins, the manager and wife of Ninja, to create branding and stream assets in the past. As well as Elgato and now Visuals by Impulse, CORSAIR owns custom gaming controller company SCUF Gaming and custom computer-building company ORIGIN PC.

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