Dr Disrespect praises Battlefield 2042 for sparking CoD rivalry again

dr disrespect on battlefield 2042Dr Disrespect/EA

The Battlefield 2042 trailer came out on Wednesday, June 9 with much adoration from prospective fans — but Dr Disrespect is particularly excited for the next installment in the franchise, because of how it could relate also to Call of Duty.

There’s no denying that Battlefield has always played second fiddle to Call of Duty. While it is extremely popular in its own right, there seemed to always be conversations around it overtaking (or ‘killing’) CoD as the premier FPS game.

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That conversation died down in recent years, even with Battlefield V dropping in 2018, and with the ongoing popularity of CoD battle royale Warzone, it’s hard to imagine anything overtaking it.

That could be about to change with Battlefield 2042, though — according to the Doc at least, who is extremely excited.

battlefield 2042 cover artEA
Battlefield 2042 has definitely turned some heads — Dr Disrespect included.

While the game has been confirmed to be multiplayer only at launch — no campaign or battle royale mode in sight — fans are still eager to get their first look at gameplay and see how it compares to previous BF titles.

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After watching the trailer, Dr Disrespect claimed that they’re “bringing showtime” with the new trailer, clearly impressed by what he had seen.

“I have to be honest, that was a fantastic trailer man,” he said. “Action-packed. Kind of reminds me of the old days to a certain degree. Remember when Call of Duty was putting out these big trailers and then it was back and forth between Battlefield? I feel like we lost some of that competition the past couple of years, I don’t know why… But I’m liking this.”

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He adds that “we gotta watch” the gameplay reveal on Sunday, June 13, and clearly believes there’s something huge in this Battlefield game that the last couple haven’t had.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Battlefield 2042 really can convert Call of Duty players, but with how huge Warzone is right now, they’re going to need to really pull out something special.