DICE confirm major Battlefield 2042 medic changes coming soon

Battlefield 2042 specialist medicDICE

Battlefield 2042 devs, DICE, have responded to fan complaints regarding the medic class, tipping their hand to some changes that might be coming in the future. 

After plenty of hype and excitement, Battlefield fans have been finally been able to get their hands on the newest release, 2042, as the game entered its early access period.

With fans getting stuck into the expansive multiplayer modes, some have flagged issues with different parts of the game – with some complaining about FPS issues, weird bugs, as well as not grasping the Hazard Zone mode.

For other players, they’ve got issues with the operator classes that you choose from during matches, especially with the medic as that has lost some of it’s more well-known features.

Medic class in Battlefield holding shock padsElectronic Arts
Medics have always had a key role in Battlefield.

The complaints have been brought up by fans across social media, but Redditor jamesswazz managed to catch the attention of DICE and draw a response.

In their post, the Redditor noted that medics should be highlighted so that downed players won’t immediately opt to skip the potential revive – which eliminates part of the job for medics.

“We’re looking at adding this feature back in an upcoming update,” responded Florian ‘DRUNKKZ3’ Le Bihan, a former Battlefield pro turned game dev with DICE.

Other fans quizzed the dev on potential other features to add back for medics, including the option to indicate to a downed player that you’re on your way to help them out.

DRUNKKZ3 offered a similar answer to that request, noting that the devs are looking to add it back at some point.

While there is no telling when exactly the changes will be made, they’ll no doubt be welcomed by medics far and wide across Battlefield 2042.