Battlefield 2042 devs warn FPS issues won’t be solved on game launch

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Battlefield 2042 developers warned players that performance issues in the beta, which were also spotted in the official gameplay trailer, won’t be solved in time for the game’s launch.

Battlefield 2042 players had mixed impressions about the beta. In our review, we cited performance issues as the biggest concern. Everyone in our playtest lobby had poor framerates throughout the session, regardless of their settings.

Since it was a beta, though, most were willing to reserve judgment until launch. They assumed things would be improved at launch.

However, the community was shocked to learn that the official gameplay trailer, which went live on November 1, still had poor frame rates.

They voiced their concerns in the comments: “I like how at some point the performance drops to 30 frames per second,” wrote one fan.

“It’s so badly optimized that they couldn’t even create a trailer without frame drops,” wrote another.

Insider Tom Henderson reached out to the developers about the issue, asking whether they’d be resolved by launch day.

However, the answer he got isn’t the one players were hoping for.

“I reached out to a few developers in regards to the Battlefield 2042 frame drop issues in the trailers, and the consensus was ‘It is what it is until after launch,'” he said.

On October 21, the developers confirmed they’re making a number of improvements to gameplay in time for launch.

They’re refining the health system and user interface, which were both criticized in the beta.

However, it seems like the game’s performance issues will remain – at least initially. We’ll have to wait and see during the early access trial, which kicks off on November 12, followed by the launch on November 19.

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