Battlefield 6 leaker suggests no campaign and faction-based multiplayer

Battlefield 6EA/DICE

A new Battlefield 6 insider leak claims that the game will feature a faction-based system where players can choose which nation they fight for.

The excitement surrounding Battlefield 6 is at an all-time high, as fans of the franchise are waiting for the arrival of the game’s official trailer. Although EA has not confirmed when any information will be released on their upcoming shooter, it’s widely speculated that a teaser for the title will drop in the near future.

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As with any highly anticipated title, leakers have been attempting to uncover any new information they can on the game. This has ranged from a potential Battlefield battle royale to the inclusion of extreme weather conditions on maps.

Well, another leak from a reliable source has suggested that the game will feature a faction-based system in a war involving the USA and Russia.

Battlefield 6 gameEA/DICE
Battlefield 6 is one of the most highly-anticipated titles of 2021.

Battlefield 6 faction-based multiplayer

When it comes to insider information on various upcoming games, Tom Henderson has a reliable track record. Regarding Battlefield 6, over the past few months, he’s revealed a number of key details on the title that have given fans a glimpse of what they can expect.

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Once again, he’s provided some more information on EA’s upcoming shooter. This time it revolves around the game’s central plot and how players will fit into it.

According to Henderson, the central conflict in the title will be between the USA and Russia. Players will act as specialist units from fallen nations who will have to pick as a side to fight for. In theory, this suggests that all countries will be playable in some capacity.

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Of course, this means players will have to make a difficult decision in-game and weigh up the pro & cons of each of the nations. While this will certainly be a change from Battlefield’s typical format, it will make the title stand out within the shooter genre if the choices matter enough and change up the gameplay.

It’s worth noting that this information on the plot likely only applies to the Battlefield 6 multiplayer. Henderson has voiced that he’s not heard anything about a campaign so it’s possible DICE has not included one in Battlefield 6.

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Although this would be disappointing to a lot of fans, it would make sense considering how much more popular multiplayer is compared to single-player experiences.

Keep in mind, it’s definitely possible that Battlefield 6 will include both multiplayer and campaign features at launch. However, as of yet, very little has been discovered about any single-player aspects of the title.

For now, it’s just a waiting game until a teaser or trailer is released for the game. Fingers crossed that it arrives sooner rather than later and we can get a clear picture of what Battlefield 6 has to offer.

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