Battlefield 2042 leak reveals list of ‘gadgets’ potentially for specialists

Battlefield 2042 specialist holding weaponEA DICE

Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be a monumental event for the franchise but the leaks don’t stop. Now, a list of potential gadgets has been uncovered and shared by players. 

The wait for a new Battlefield title has been painful. Time has passed slowly since the release of Battlefield V, with fans crying out for the next installment.

After the painful launch that Battlefield V endured, a return to modern times has been highly celebrated following the reveal of EA’s next chapter. The passion for the notorious Call of Duty rival has never been higher. 

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Bringing in a fresh, re-energized approach to proceedings, fans will be able to control a host of specialist characters. Each bringing new tricks and advantages to the table, the possibilities for tactical superiority are awe inspiring. To make it even better, a new leak has revealed what could make battles that extra bit more awesome. 

Battlefield Portal gameplayElectronic Arts
Battlefield 2042 marks another generational leap for the franchise.

New dog, new tricks

In mysterious fashion, reddit user jd0255 was allegedly sent the intriguing list via direct message. It appears the list has been retrieved via datamining, as the item names are portrayed with a coding appearance.

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Spanning from throwables to support items, this list is an enigmatic part of the Battlefield 2042 journey. Here’s what we can supposedly expect to arrive this October: 

  • icon_iwi_gadget_stimpistol
  • icon_iwi_gadget_recondrone
  • icon_iwi_gadget_deployablecover
  • icon_iwi_gadget_arscanner
  • icon_iwi_gadget_smartexplosive
  • icon_iwi_gadget_supplydrop
  • icon_iwi_gadget_signalhacker
  • icon_iwi_gadget_constructionkit
  • icon_iwi_gadget_supplythrowable
  • icon_iwi_gadget_grapplegun
  • icon_iwi_gadget_supplybag
  • icon_iwi_gadget_personalshield
  • icon_iwi_gadget_eidos
  • Icon_iwi_gadget_autoturret

While most of these items are self-explanatory, a few of them do raise curiosity. Specifically, the “eidos” item bears no previous resemblance to any other item in the franchise. Could this be a gadget beyond modern comprehension? Or something with a mundane purpose? 

Optimistically and comically, some fans are hoping this is an opportunity to revive developer Eidos Interactive, who eventually were sold to Square Enix in 2009. 

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Unfortunately, those fans will have to leave that dream behind. That being said, others have made a link between the introduction of unique specialists and gadgets. 

Everyone has a role to play within their squad. Differing from the run and gun stylings of CoD multiplayer, Battlefield relies on a strong team to fulfill the duties of their chosen specialist. We’d like to think items like the stim are focused on medical assistance, while the ARScanner could be a reconnaissance device. Whatever their final form may take, the Battlefield community will find an innovative way to defy their base purpose. 

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Battlefield 2042 releases this October across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC respectively. There is going to be plenty more to come as we get closer, so keep checking back for new developments.

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