Battlefield 2042 Beta is already being swarmed by cheaters like Warzone - Dexerto

Battlefield 2042 Beta is already being swarmed by cheaters like Warzone

Published: 7/Oct/2021 22:28

by Michael Gwilliam


The Battlefield 2042 beta was already off to a rocky start with server, AI issues and glitches, but it seems like hackers are making things even worse.

It’s not unfortunately common to find cheaters in multiplayer games, but right out of the gates, hack providers are reportedly offering loads of tools to terrorize Battlefield players.

Insider Tom Henderson revealed that at least two big providers have already begun selling wallhacks, aimbots and other cheats.

According to Henderson, Battlefield’s “easy anti-cheat” had been cracked easily and now the floodgates are open.

Hackers take over Battlefield 2042 beta

One user even replied to Henderson’s tweet purporting to show aimbot and wallhacks in action through some in-game footage.


This shouldn’t come as any surprise, however. As Dexerto reported back in August, hacks for Battlefield 2042 were already being sold months prior to the game’s release.

Hack sellers were even openly mocking EA, claiming their “game was f**ked” from the get-go as the traffic for Battlefield cheat sites soared by 400%.

Despite all the beta issues, DICE has reaffirmed that the game is still planned for a full release on November 19.

This comes as many, including Dexerto writer Brad Norton, advocated for the company to consider delaying the game once more in order for Battlefield to launch successfully.


Now, with hackers plaguing the beta, unless EA and Dice have a trick up their sleeve, it’s looking like Battlefield 2042 is going to start looking like Warzone 2021, as cheaters have wreaked havoc on the CoD battle royale.

Unlike Battlefield, however, Activision is preparing to launch a new anti-cheat with CoD: Vanguard that will also be implemented in Warzone. Whether or not hackers will crack it as well remains to be seen.