Battlefield 2042’s Beta bots are being incredibly “toxic” to streamers

. 9 months ago
battlefield 2042 player glide

Battlefield 2042’s Open Beta is underway and, despite some issues, its AI bots are very realistic. Apparently, they’re getting “toxic” with streamers by shooting bodies and teabagging.

Originally scheduled for October 22, 2021, EA have pushed Battlefield 2042’s release date back to November 19. And that might not even be far enough, as early Beta impressions called the game “a bit of a nightmare.”

But, aside from bugs and visual issues, you know what else is a nightmare in BF2042? The devilish bots.

With each lobby seemingly filled with AI players, some streamers have been surprised by their run-ins. As JGOD couldn’t help but notice, these bots don’t seem to follow the “Three Laws of Robotics.”

Battlefield 2042 bots get toxic with streamers

The first law of robotics is a simple one: “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.”

Unfortunately, not only do BF’s robotic characters harm human players — they add some spice to it. As seen in JGOD’s clip, these bots will not only kill you, they’ll also keep shooting your body or even toss in a teabag. 

While likely unintended to be “very toxic,” as JGOD describes them, it’s still pretty funny. In the past, professional CoD teams have been disqualified for shooting bodies, so we’re talking about dangerous territory here.

If you’re excited to jump into the Battlefield Open Beta, you should definitely still do so. But remember, if you get killed and hit with some BM (bad manners), don’t get tilted. It could just be an innocent bot.

At the time of writing, EA haven’t responded to their AI’s actions. And, on behalf of the BF community, we hope they don’t patch the AI behavior. It’s much funnier this way.

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