Battlefield 2042 devs roast TimTheTatman after hilarious death

Dylan Horetski
YouTube, TimTheTatman/DICE

TimTheTatman has confirmed that fall damage does, indeed, exist in the Battlefield 2042 beta, and the game’s developers have wasted no time roasting him on social media. 

EA and Dice are back at it again with another iteration of their infamous Call Of Duty competitor, Battlefield 2042. They’ve opened the beta to almost everyone, which means creators like TimTheTatman, CourageJD, and Nickmercs have all been able to check it out on their streams.

As soon as they spawned into their first game together, Betar proved that his old habits of dying from fall damage were still relevant as he decided to jump out of the helicopter mid-air seconds before face-planting onto the ground after a failed parachute deployment.

Battlefield 2042 specialist holding weapon
Battlefield 2042 officially releases on October 22, 2021.

Battlefield 2042 devs roast TimTheTatman

During his October 6 stream, TimTheTatman told his teammates: “I gotta get out, I hopped. I hopped,” mere seconds before the creator’s game character decided to dive headfirst into the concrete.

After wasting no time, a clip of the failed parachute made its way to Twitter in the form of a post from the official Battlefield account, sporting the caption: “The games change, but the player remains the same.”

Tim didn’t even visibly react to his death. After all, he recently made the same mistake in front of Cowboys player Ezekiel Elliott on the jumbotron at the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium.

Getting bullied by brands on social media isn’t exactly new to the creator, either. The Complexity co-owner suffered from a similar fate last year while going after his first Fall Guys crown.

TimTheTatman couldn’t even get support from his friends at the time, as NICKMERCS joined in on the fun with a video of Betar being the “worst account on the game.”

When it comes to whether or not we’ll see more interaction between Tim and the official Battlefield account, we’ll have to wait and see once the game officially releases on October 22.