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How to access Battlefield 2042 Open Beta: Release date & preorder guide

Published: 9/Jun/2021 16:10 Updated: 9/Jun/2021 16:19

by Brad Norton


EA has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will indeed have an Open Beta period and here’s how you can join in on the action early.

As with most big multiplayer titles these days, Battlefield 2042 will allow players to test things out early through a public Beta. While the experience isn’t quite finalized, meaning there might be some bugs and server issues along the way, Betas often serve as a decent taste test for what’s to come.

2042 is the first new title in three years and the first to launch on new-gen hardware. It marks a big step forward for the franchise so naturally, fans are eagerly awaiting their chance to drop in.


Here’s a complete rundown on everything there is to know about the Open Beta so you can jump into 2042 early.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta dates & platforms

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Battlefield 2042 is all set for an Open Beta closer to launch.

Battlefield 2042’s Open Beta will be launching closer to the game’s full release. But, there’s no exact date for when it will go live, but we’ll keep you updated right here as dates are locked in.

We can make a few assumptions, however. Given the fact EA is unveiling the next multiplayer component at EA Play Live on July 22, and the full game launches on October 22, it’s safe to assume the Open Beta will fall somewhere between August and September.


As for which platforms it will be available on, gamers on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will all be able to join in.

How to access Battlefield 2042 Open Beta early

Battlefield 2042 release dates
Battlefield fans can get into the 2042 Open Beta early by pre-ordering.

If you want to drop into 2042 as early as possible, pre-ordering is the way to go. Regardless of where you play, pre-ordering gives you early access to the Open Beta, ahead of those who don’t pre-order. 

There’s no telling just much sooner you’ll get in, but it’s likely an extra few days will be added to your experience.

Furthermore, using EA Play also gives you a 10-hour trial period. This kicks off on October 15, a week out from 2042’s release. When combined with the Open Beta, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to dump a few dozen hours into the new title before it properly launches.