Battlefield 2042 leaker claims battle royale will still “come in the near future”


It was widely expected that Battlefield 2042 would launch with a battle royale mode to compete with its nearest rivals. It didn’t, and EA have said multiple times that a BR isn’t currently a focus. However, renowned leaker Tom Henderson has refuted these claims by suggesting that a Battlefield 2042 BR could arrive in the near future.

Battle royale has had a huge impact on the gaming landscape with millions of players in need of their fix. PUBG arguably got the BR ball rolling, at least in terms of breaking through to the mainstream, and games like Apex Legends, Warzone, and Fortnite have sent the genre into the stratosphere.

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The concept remains insanely popular as we head towards 2022, and Battlefield 2042 might soon join in. EA’s previous attempt to get Battlefield on the BR bullet train with Battlefield V’s Firestorm mode was short-lived. However, EA have learned a lot since then, and BR might be the thing that Battlefield 2042 needs to gain some traction.

The game is currently getting mixed feedback from fans due to a number of bugs and glitches stunting its potential. A lack of a campaign has also hurt the game, but Tom Henderson thinks that battle royale is a real possibility for Battlefield 2042. Here’s everything we know so far.

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When is the Battlefield 2042 battle royale release date?

tank riding away form firestormEA
Firestorm was the final nail in the coffin for Battlefield 5.

According to Tom Henderson, a potential Battlefield 2042 battle royale game “will come in the near future,” but not in the next 6 months. For those unaware, Tom Henderson has become one of the industry’s leading leakers for gaming news, with an impressive track record on the Battlefield franchise.

He revealed a ton of info about Battlefield 2042 that turned out to be true, and the latest BR news came in one of Tom Henderson’s YouTube videos. The leaker ran through a huge timeline of Battlefield 2042’s development, the problems it’s faced, and future plans.

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One of these subjects was the much-talked-about battle royale mode and Henderson said that one is coming, but EA and DICE are focusing on getting the rest of the game up-to-scratch first before adding in any extra work to build upon it.

Battlefield 2042 battle royale leaks

Tom didn’t elaborate too much on the potential battle royale mode, but the words “vague timeframe” suggests that it could be some time off yet. Meaning there isn’t too much to read into right now.

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The big mystery surrounding a BF 2042 mode is seeing how much EA learns from the mistakes of Firestorm. Touted as the next big thing in battle royale in Battlefield 5. By the time Firestorm was released, the player count was already very low compared to launch.

It was also not free-to-play like other BR games as players needed a copy of BF 5 to play it. DICE soon gave up updating it, and Firestorm very quickly became an afterthought. If a Battlefield 2042 battle royale is to succeed, then you’d think these mistakes cannot be repeated – although perhaps EA has learned from Apex Legends’ successes, too.

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Given that all this information technically comes from a leak, it might be wise to take it with a pinch of salt. Still, we’ll update this page as we hear more.