Battlefield 2042 dev finally addresses annoying invisibility glitch

Battlefield 2042 gunfight with logoDICE

Kevin Johnson, Community Manager at EA DICE working on Battlefield 2042, has responded to one of the game’s most egregious glitches, seeing players spawn in completely invisible. 

Despite the anticipation that surrounded DICE’s 2021 Battlefield title, much of it has given way to frustration as the game’s early weeks continue to be shrouded in bugs and other issues.

While many touted it as a potential ‘Call of Duty killer’, its opening weeks have been less than successful. It is currently being dominated by 3 CoD titles on Twitch and saw its head designer leave DICE amidst the game’s “botched” launch.

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As the developers seek to mop up post-launch issues, Community Manager Kevin Johnson has updated fans on when they can expect a fix to one of the game’s most intrusive issues.

Battlefield 2042 Hovercraft gameplayElectronic Arts
Hover Crafts launched far too powerful, and were the first vehicles to be nerfed.

Battlefield 2042 invisibility glitch fix coming

Redditor ‘sterrre’ shared a short clip of the bug, commenting: “I spawned invisible when trying to spawn on a friendly MAV.”

Naturally, this leads to issues for both the player in question and opponents. Luckily, the Redditor had no interest in exploiting the issues and quickly reported them.

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It appears to have been caused by spawning on a vehicle, which saw its seats fill up while deploying. This causes the player to spawn invisible and outside of the vehicle.

Responding to the problems was Kevin Johnson, DICE’s Community Manager. He said: “Hi! This should be fixed once we deploy our next update, Update 3.1. Thanks for reaching out.”

Unfortunately, no specific release date was given for the update in question. Update #3 dropped on December 2, so we can expect 3.1 to be in the very near future, perhaps during the week commencing December 6.

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It joins a long list of bugs and glitches players want to see fixed. Hopefully, patch 3.1 is the first step to a much better game.

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