Local library asks Larian if they can buy Baldur’s Gate 3 and in wholesome gesture the developer donates copies for everyone to play

Brianna Reeves
baldur's gate 3 library

In a wholesome gesture, Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios donated a copy of the RPG to a public library.

Librarian and Redditor TeenyGremlin claims that as tax-exempt institutions, libraries can’t purchase materials with tax included.

Such an obstacle put the local librarian in a bind several months ago, as they wanted to add a physical copy of Baldur’s Gate 3 to the organization’s game collection.

The librarian said they tried buying a copy from Larian’s official website. However, the storefront places local taxes on all items, thus stopping the Redditor from proceeding.

“I reached out to customer service to see if there was an alternative method for billing (such as an invoice) or if they had the capability of setting us up with a tax-free account on their store,” the user explained.

They weren’t expecting special accomodations, especially not from a Belgian company. But their love of the BG3 encouraged them to try anyway. The librarian didn’t receive a response for three months until someone finally reached out earlier this week.

Larian‘s representative informed them that the studio would donate a free copy of Baldur’s Gate 3 to the library to circumvent the tax issue. “I’m absolutely floored. Someone bothered to reach out about an almost unanswerable question months after I was sure it was forgotten.”

The Redditor went on, saying they’d never worked with a company so committed to finding a workaround. “It’s such a small thing, I know, but it was so cool,” they added.

Another librarian chimed in to say that other companies will similarly donate when asked. The commenter wrote, “Larian went above and beyond, but this is my way of saying, put yourself out there and roll for charisma!”

Still, as someone in the thread pointed out, this wholesome gesture is just one of the reasons why Larian won Studio of the Year at the Golden Joystiq Awards.

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