xQc explains his main problem with weapons & aim in Apex Legends

xqc on apex legendsRespawn Entertainment / Twitch: xQc

With the launch of Season 10, a number of top players and streamers are playing Apex Legends and familiarizing themselves with the Apex Games — but Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has a serious issue with the gunplay.

Some top Warzone streamers are seeing success switching over, but the wider Twitch community are also getting involved, mastering new Legend Seer and showing the game some love.

xQc is one of the many getting involved and has been mastering his craft and scratching the competitive itch.

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That said, he’s got one serious issue with the game, and it relates to the all-important gunplay.

Seer Apex Season 10Respawn Entertainment
Seer is the latest Legend to join Apex Legends’ roster in Season 10.

After a rather ugly gunfight against an opposing Bloodhound, which saw the Canadian streamer only get a few shots off before missing several and being downed, xQc let loose.

“Stop saying ‘sick aim’ okay,” xQc begged of his chat, who were mocking him over the state of the gunfight. “These guns… you hold left-click, and the world starts exploding. Fireworks out the front, earthquake out the bottom, f**king churning out the a*s. You can’t see sh*t anymore, dude.”

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This is a very xQc way of saying that, essentially, the VFX, muzzle flash and screen shake are very hard to deal with when engaging in a fight in Apex Legends.

While this is something most Apex Legends players are used to, you can imagine why it might be a slight shock to the system to someone that doesn’t play it regularly.

The muzzle flash is one that can be reduced, too, but it requires finding a gold Barrel Stabilizer, which is a lot easier said than done.

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It didn’t seem to put xQc off too much, as he carried on playing, but it definitely bothered him big time in the heat of the moment.

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