Wraith’s heirloom gets new animations in Apex Legends Season 16

Respawn Entertainment

Season 16 awarded Apex Legends players an unexpected gift, updating Wraith’s heirloom animations and kunai color.

Apex Legends Season 16 is here, and although the seasonal update doesn’t include a new legend, there is plenty to be excited about. The season “remasters” classes, dividing Legends into five new categories. Season 16 also introduces a new mode, weapon, and a long list of a legend and weapon balancing.

Community members also hoped for an update for Wraith’s Heirloom after a leak suggested a recolor of her kunai knives. Players were disappointed as the Season 16 patch notes failed to mention an Heirloom change, but Respawn ultimately pulled through.

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The developers finally introduced a long-awaited revamp of Wraith’s Heirloom in a secret update.

Wraith receives new Heirloom color and animations

Apex Legends Wraith HeirloomRespawn Entertainment
Wraith’s Heirloom has a new look in Season 16.

On February 14, Apex Legends content creator KralRindo uncovered new Heirloom animations for Wraith. Heirlooms are ultra-rare cosmetics that change the skin of your melee weapon. Each Legend has an Heirloom set featuring a banner pose, quip, and melee weapon skin.

Wraith’s kunai skin has been available since the game’s launch, and community members have begged for an update with the fan-favorite character.

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We got a look at three new Heirloom animations. First, Wraith flipped her kunai knife and teleported it back to herself. Next, Players received a dive into the game’s lore as Wraith looked at Wattson’s case file and mentioned when Wattson thought she was a ghost.

In the final two animations, Wraith killed a fly and wiped sweat off her forehead with a towel. Community members went crazy over the unannounced update.

One fan responded, “they actually did it, they made Wraith’s heirloom animation actually good.”

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A second user added, “best animation in the game for the OG character, that’s what’s up.”

The Apex Legends content creator also provided a look at Wraith’s new Kunai recolor.

Community members theorized which character would receive an Heirloom update next, and most players asked for Octane.

Heirlooms can be purchased using Heirloom Shards, which are earned by opening Apex Packs.