Wraith Heirloom recolor in Apex Legends revealed: Hope’s Dawn

Apex Legends Wraith HeirloomRespawn Entertainment

Respawn has confirmed what leakers already revealed, with a new version of Wraith’s Kunai heirloom releasing in the Imperial Guard Collection event. The new version won’t replace the old one, but does come with some unique new content.

In total, there are now 16 Heirlooms in Apex Legends with the latest one arriving for Seer with the Spellbound Collection event.

While the majority of characters on the roster now have their very own mythic cosmetic, it all started with Wraith and her iconic Kunai.

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But, the knife didn’t include the incredible animations and countless interactions that the new Heirlooms feature, so Respawn decided to show the old Kunai some love.

Respawn is finally releasing the first Heirloom recolors, starting with Wraith’s, and players can get it for half the price of other heirlooms in the Imperial Guard Collection event.

Wraith Apex Legends KunaiRespawn Entertainment
Wraith was the first Legend in Apex to receive an Heirloom.

Wraith’s Kunai Heirloom recolor

The new Kunai will be available as a reward in the Imperial Guard Collection event.

As this event is for the anniversary, and it’s not a brand-new heirloom, there is also a discount available. Instead of the usual crafting costs, everything will require 50% less metals.

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In addition to the blade itself, the heirloom pack will also include a new Mythic emote, and a Mythic Banner.

Explaining their reason to release the recolor version, Respawn said, “Apex Legends is ever-changing. With the recent fourth anniversary of Apex Legends, we brought some major shake-ups to the game. We are continuing our philosophy of taking learnings from the last four years to ensure the game continually feels fresh and new for players across all aspects of the game.

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“Wraith’s Kunai was first added to the game in 2019 with the introduction of Heirlooms. Since then, we have expanded what Heirlooms look and feel like in the game. To bring Wraith’s Heirloom up to a place that’s more in line with our recent Heirloom releases, we’re revitalizing her Kunai and introducing Wraith’s new “Hope’s Dawn” Heirloom!”

Wraith receives new kunai animations

In an unannounced update on February 14, the developers unveiled new Kunai animations for Wraith.

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The update was delivered on both fronts, providing new colors for the knives and a few new animations for the character. The first animation flipped the knives while another dove into the game’s lore and looked at a case file for Wattson.

These new animations will also be the same on the new Kunai.

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