Who is Maali in Apex Legends? Potential new Legend leaks and rumors

Alex Garton
Maali Apex Legends

Apex Legends dataminers have found references to a character called Maali in the game files, but what do we know about them, and are they the Season 12 Legend?

Respawn releases a seasonal update every three months, and although these content drops come with maps, guns, and cosmetics, the main attraction is always the new Legend.

While some players prefer to wait for an official announcement, others look towards dataminers to find any clues in the game files.

Well, back in September, a reference to the character or codename “Maali” was discovered, and ever since, the community has been desperate to find out more about this mysterious Legend.

But who is Maali, and is it likely they’ll be arriving in the Season 12 update? Let’s find out.

Apex Legends tropical Storm Point
Apex Legends Season 11 was released on November 2.

Who is Maali in Apex Legends?

Ahead of the Season 11 update back in September, reliable dataminer garretleaks discovered a line of code referencing a character called Maali in the game files.

With the code mentioning a “damage boost” and “impact effect table”, a lot of the community began to speculate that Maali could be a future Legend.

While garret made it very clear that there was no mention of a release date or even any clues about the appearance of Maali’s character, it was enough to get players incredibly excited.

In mid-October, a supposed image of Maali’s abilities even began to circulate around the community. It presented a Support Legend with a kit centered around reviving, healing, and recharging squadmates’ shields.

Although this got a lot of attention, a number of YouTubers including PWN hub pointed out that the image had clearly been doctored and couldn’t be trusted.

So, for now, we know very little about Maali and their character as a whole, but the name in the code suggests Respawn does have a plan for this mysterious Legend.

All the community can do is look out for any more clues in the code, and be wary of any fake leaks that may be circulating around.

Rest assured, we’ll update this article as soon as any new information is discovered about Maali. Don’t forget to check out @alphaINTEL for the latest Apex Legends news and guides.

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