Wattson’s invisible fence glitch is back in Apex Legends and confusing players

Alex Garton
Wattson Apex Legends fences

An infamous Wattson glitch that makes her fences invisible has returned in Apex Legends Season 14 and it’s causing a lot of frustration.

Despite her iconic status within the community, Wattson has maintained an extremely low pick rate over the years, with it currently sitting at 2% in Season 14.

One of the main issues players have with the Static Defender are the multiple bugs and issues that have affected her Tactical.

While Respawn has pushed out countless fixes to improve the fences, they still occasionally refuse to work in certain areas, a problem Wattson players are once again facing in Hunted.

Despite this, an infamous glitch that actually unfairly helps the Static Defender has also returned, and it’s making her fences invisible.

Wattson Fences Tactical Apex Legends
Wattson has a 2% pick rate in Season 14.

Infamous Wattson invisible fence glitch has returned

As showcased by Reddit user IcySpinach, an overpowered bug is causing Wattson’s fences to become completely invisible.

This glitch certainly isn’t new, as there are clips of the problem happening all the way back in 2020, but it was assumed that it had been fixed.

Well, unfortunately, it’s back in Hunted and players have no idea what’s triggering the invisibility. In IcySpinach’s clip, a Rampart wall is sat in the doorway, leading a lot of users to believe that it’s the Amped Cover causing the bug.

However, responses in the comments have claimed that they experienced the issue in Season 14 and there was no cover involved.

If the Wattson is in the area, it’s nearly impossible to fight back once you’ve been damaged by the invisible fence.

This makes the bug incredibly frustrating, as it’s pretty much a guaranteed kill for the Wattson who likely has no idea how they’ve triggered the glitch.

Respawn needs to fix this problem as soon as possible, even if a lot of players are heralding the bug as the long-awaited “buff Wattson needed”.