Wattson fences break in Apex Legends Season 14 despite “improvements”

Andrew Highton
wattson standing in front of electrical fence in apex legends

Apex Legends has had issues with Wattson leading up to Season 14 and whilst the newest update was supposed to improve the character’s fence ability, it’s actually made it worse.

Apex Legends Season 14 has made some positive changes such as a new Legend in Vantage and also the new Laser Sight attachment.

Certain characters have gotten off relatively scott-free when it comes to technical issues impairing their abilities and ultimates in Apex Legends – but not all.

Players are already reporting a few issues with the new season including a crazy new glitch that seems to give every Legend the wrong abilities, and now an old issue with Wattson resurfacing in a new way.

Apex Legends Season 14 breaks Wattson fence ability

Whatever people may think about some of Season 14’s changes, one thing that fans are not on the fence about it is the effect it’s had on Wattson.

Previously, Wattson mains have had to cope with the Perimeter Security Tactical Ability not dealing the advertised damage to opposition players – nullifying one of the Legends’ weapons.

But in Season 14, a glitch in which a player is not allowed to even put down the fence posts in the first place appears to have caused some unrest.

In a sarcastic post on the Apex Legends Reddit forum, one user simply said: “Another great patch for Wattson.”

In their video, you can clearly see the player demonstrating in the game’s Firing Range how they are unable to put down any fence posts.

One frustrated user commented: “Wattson’s been dealing with this for a while anytime they change fences or Arc Stars they break sh*t. You can expect a fix maybe in Season 15, time to retire Wattson for 14.”

Another user added: “Ohhh…from the patch notes – Improvements to Perimeter Security placement system. I understand what that means now. Break what was working before.”

The launch of a new Apex Legends season can always be chaotic and potentially problematic, and you’d imagine that Respawn is working round the clock to try and patch any inconsistencies and irregularities in the gameplay.

Season 14 has already solved several conundrums such as the infamous reloading issue.

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