Viral Apex Legends TikTok shows how much faster “punch boosting” is

Apex Legends punch boostRespawn Entertainment

A viral Apex Legends TikTok has showcased how effective the “punch boosting” movement mechanic is compared to normal sliding.

While sliding, sprinting, and jumping are the only movements used by the majority of the Apex Legends community, some players prefer to use more advanced mechanics.

These include techniques such as tap-strafing, wall-bouncing, and more recently, the newly discovered punch-boosting.

This trick involves using melee attacks to increase the momentum of a backward slide down a slope, allowing you to reach unbelievable speeds and outpace your opponents.

Despite this, some players are still unsure whether it’s worth using this trick in their matches, so one TikToker decided to show how effective punch boosting really is.

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Apex Legends slide movementRespawn Entertainment
Punch boosting is easy to learn in Apex Legends.

How effective is “punch boosting” in Apex Legends?

After reading a comment that said punch boosting was the same as the standard slide, v1perapex decided to conduct an experiment with a teammate to show how effective the mechanic truly is.

Starting at the top of one of Storm Point’s biggest slopes, v1perapex began to punch boost down to the bottom, while their teammate just did the standard slide.

To no surprise, v1perapex traveled down the slope nearly twice as fast as their squadmate, showing exactly why this technique is worth learning, especially if you’re chasing or fleeing from a set of enemies.

Unlike tap-strafing or wall bouncing, punch boosting is a relatively easy trick to learn and won’t require too much practice to master.

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With the mechanic garnering a lot of attention at the moment, it might be worth learning the technique in the Firing Range.

It may not be something you use constantly in your matches, but having it in your locker could be the difference between a win and a loss.