How to wall bounce in Apex Legends for major advantages in combat

Theo Salaun

Wall jumping or bouncing has long been a mechanic in Apex Legends, but recent highlight plays have reinforced how important it is to take advantage of.

Like most FPS titles, aim and positioning are key to Apex Legends. Unlike most shooters, the mobility is absolutely absurd in Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale, and mastering all of the movement techs can help players soar through the ranks.

While you won’t immediately hit the Predator tier by understanding how to wall bounce, it will give you a literal leg up, and away, on the competition.

Players jealous of Loba’s teleportation bracelet can use wall bounces for their own version.

The mechanic has existed since the game’s inception, but it’s worth refreshing for those who are new to the title in Season 5, or for those who have just decided that they want to be able to enact a modicum of Loba’s teleportation ability with any hero.


By wall bouncing, players can accomplish two things simultaneously: they make it harder for opponents to hit them while potentially finding a new angle that makes it easier to land shots on said opponents.

How to wall bounce

Wall bouncing or jumping in Apex Legends requires five separate steps, that must be performed in rapid succession for the tech to work properly.

  1. Sprint towards a wall
  2. Slide as you near the wall
  3. Jump out of the slide
  4. Stop holding forward toward the wall
  5. Jump again the moment you touch the wall

As shown in a recent clip by Reddit user ‘liammcarthy000,’ a wall bounce can give you both vertical and horizontal lift—akin to an impromptu Octane jump pad. In their clip, they use the bounce in what should have already been a victory, but the mechanic is so clean that the match win was simply ensured by their repositioning.

In the highlight, they’re able to easily take a different angle behind the remaining opponent and seal the victory without any need for their teammates to get involved.

Apex Legends may already be insanely mobile, but understanding wall bounces simply ramps up players’ potential in combat.

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