Strange Apex Legends bug makes Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap invisible


An Apex Legends player has uncovered a strange bug that makes Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap invisible but sees the ability still suffer damage from shots.

Ever since the start of season three, Apex Legends players have been uncovering more and more bizarre bugs as the days tick over.

We’ve seen issues with being able to get into matches, being handed free wins, and even being able to change Legend mid-game. Yet a new issue with Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap ability may make the character unusable until a fix is in-place.

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
Caustic is one legend you’ll regularly find on the World’s Edge battlefield.

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In a post to the apex Legends subreddit, user themanianino showed off a highlight from one of their recent games where they were able to pick up an impressive squad wipe.

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At the tail end of that wipe, however, the Wattson player had been chasing down a Caustic who was in the middle of a revive. As any smart Caustic player might do, they seemingly dropped a Nox Gas Trap for cover but it didn’t appear on themanianino’s screen.

From their point of view, it appeared as if they had a clean run to finishing off an exposed Caustic but they, in fact, managed to ring some shots off of the invisible trap. After a few moments, the trap appeared on-screen – still with a little bit of health left to be depleted before it would disappear for good.

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Of course, it’s not the only problem that has arisen with Caustic’s Gas Traps in recent weeks – with another fan uncovering a problem that showed the ability having a mind of its own and going for a run.

Thankfully, though, members of the Respawn development do follow the subreddit for issues with the game, so this should be something they pick up on.

If it’s a bug they can fix quickly, or at all, however, remains to be seen but players will be hoping that they don’t run into any similar when chasing the crown of Apex Champion.

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