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Apex Legends player shows how to bait enemies with Pathfinder’s Zipline

Published: 9/Dec/2019 11:30 Updated: 9/Dec/2019 11:33

by Jacob Hale


An Apex Legends player has found the perfect way to bait enemies and get out of sticky situations using Pathfinder’s zipline – and it could be a game-changer if you’re a Pathfinder main.

Pathfinder is one of the original Apex Legends characters and one of the most popular to use. Being a support Legend with great movement and strong abilities, the wholesome MRVN can change the game in an instant if you know what you’re doing.

While not quite as popular and widely-used as Wraith – who is the most-picked legend in the game – Pathfinder still has a faithful fanbase and, with this type of trickery, it’s clear why.


Respawn EntertainmentPathfinder has the second-highest pick rate in Apex Legends, behind only Wraith.

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Posting to the official subreddit, Apex Legends player, Cuasii, showcased a phenomenal way to get out of imminent danger and gift yourself a second chance when running Pathfinder.

Cuasii took a gunfight that seemed to be on a solo player before an enemy teammate rounded the corner, meaning both were piling bullets into him. Naturally, Cuasii used Pathfinder’s grappling hook ability to try and break free from the situation, losing most of his health in the process.

Then, dropping off the side of some rocks, he set up a zipline but didn’t take it, instead hiding behind the rocks and watching as the enemy team all jumped over him and rode the zipline, which lured them into thinking that they were chasing him down.


The best use for Pathfinder’s zipline from r/apexlegends

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This move not only saved Cuasii’s life, but allowed him time to reload his weapons and apply a Phoenix Kit to bring himself back to full health — before trying to retrieve his downed teammate’s banner.

Though they haven’t confirmed whether they won the match, pulling off such an impressive play definitely seems a win regardless of the final result.

Naturally, most of the commenters on Reddit were pretty impressed, with some even implying that Cuasii should be playing Mirage with that level of stealth, but they subsequently confirmed that they will be sticking with Pathfinder for now.

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In December 2019, a Star Wars-themed skin was made available for Pathfinder, inspired by companion droid BD-1.

So if you’re planning on copying Cuasii’s stealthy technique to keep yourself alive, doing it in with an intergalactic skin may just be the best way to do it.