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Apex Legends

Bizarre Apex Legends bug gives Caustic traps a mind of their own

Published: 6/Dec/2019 13:23

by Joe O'Brien


A bizarre Apex Legends bug causes Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps to zoom away from where they were supposed to be placed.

Apex player zProxy420 has identified a bug that sees Caustic’s traps go flying off along the floor instead of staying where they land.

The bug appears to occur when the traps bounce off of another obstacle before they land. Once they do hit the ground, they appear to stutter forward while they grow to their full size, before zooming off in whatever direction they were travelling in.

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It’s not entirely clear from the clip whether or not the traps have a maximum travel distance, or whether they will simply keep going indefinitely until they hit an obstacle they can’t move past.


Is this normal ? Never saw this happen before the new update ? from r/apexlegends

With no previous reports of this bug having been widespread, it appears the issue has arisen since the introduction of the December 3 update, which introduced changes to player progression. Respawn have yet to respond to the glitch, and neither is it currently listed on their bug tracker, which notes the issues that the developers are aware of and currently working on.

While it does make for a rather amusing spectacle, obviously this issue could cause some problems for Caustic players if they’re actually aiming to set a trap in a particular location, and it instead runs off with an apparent mind of its own.


Respawn Entertainment

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Realistically there probably aren’t any ways this bug can be utilized to a player’s benefit within the typical process of play, but it’s worth being aware of if only so you can ensure your traps actually go where you intended them to.

For players looking for ways to make the game more interesting, however, it’s easy to imagine that there could be a rather entertaining trick available to anyone creative enough to actually use this bug to outplay an opponent in some way.