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Apex Legends sniper hits insane distance shot across World’s Edge map

Published: 9/Oct/2019 6:02 Updated: 9/Oct/2019 11:59

by Brad Norton


The latest map in the world Apex Legends features a speeding train, vault rooms containing valuable loot, and a wide open field for snipers to get to work.

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Released on October 1 at the start of Season Three in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, World’s Edge is a brand new map that replaces the former desert-based King’s Canyon locale. 

Set in a sprawling environment on the planet Psamathe, the new map features new terrain, new interactive features, and also appears to serve as a playground for remarkable snipers.

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In an October 8 video shared to Reddit, user ‘amzee12’ went on an absolute tear with the Legendary Kraber sniper rifle to demonstrate just how powerful long-ranged weaponry can be on the new battlefield. 


Picking up his first elimination from over 500 meters away, there’s no denying that the new map offers some crazy vantage points over the outdoor terrain.

Acquires Kraber…hits 515 meter kill..wins match from r/apexlegends

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Continuing into the match, the gamer survives until three final squads are all that remains. Spotting another enemy in the distance, he finds another clean headshot to secure a second swift elimination.

Finally, the gunman rounds out his efforts with one last snipe to seal the deal and secure the victory for his squad.

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Demonstrating just how powerful a Kraber can be in the right hands, this World’s Edge gameplay goes to show how sniping and sniping alone, can be a viable tactic on the new field. 


A 500m+ elimination is absolutely no joke in Apex Legends, when targets can be rather challenging to hit due to the rapid movement and fast-paced nature of the competitive title.

Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsWith Season Three also came the introduction of brand new character, Crypto.
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Rather than playing it ludicrously aggressive like pro Apex Legends player Coby ‘dizzy‘ Meadows of NRG, this showcase is a prime example of how to play patiently and find your shots when they matter most.

Recently, the Charge Rifle has been the source of much frustration within the Apex community, with players demanding changes to the function of the weapon.