Apex Legends: All 15 map locations revealed for new Season 3 planet

Respawn Entertainment

With the launch of Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown only a day away, all of the locations that will be present on the new ‘World’s Edge’ map have finally been revealed. 

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The upcoming launch of the third season of Apex Legends has many players understandably hyped, especially with Respawn Entertainment confirming that it will include a brand new map called World’s Edge.

The map, which was first revealed in a special trailer on September 27, is located on a new planet called Talos, which is where “molten heat and chemical ice collide.”

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Thanks to the EA Game Changers network, certain content creators were invited to Los Angeles, CA to test out Season 3 prior to launch, and YouTuber ‘Lord Spink‘ has revealed a full look at the new map and all of its locations.

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There are 15 named points-of-interest spread throughout the terrain, and below, you can find a full layout of the map and a brief description of each location.

Lord Spink (YouTube)The full map for Season 3 of Apex Legends.
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  • The Dome: A big lava pit located on the bottom right corner of the map, The Dome is surrounded by numerous research facilities that each can be accessed and looted. The hot lava underneath the structures does cause five points of damage per second.
  • Sorting Factory: A large factory located towards the bottom half of the map which contains large expanses of open areas.
  • The Tree: A simple location with some lootable structures. The main attraction is the large leaf that is planted at the center, which is very likely a reference to the frustrating code:leaf issue that plagued Apex Legends in Seasons 1 and 2.
  • Thermal Station: A large area located in the bottom left corner of the map which is “flat” and also contains a lot of open areas. The surrounding lake of lava is dangerous, so players should use the provided Ziplines to enter/exit.
  • The Train Yard: A very central location, the Train Yard features large metal structures that players can climb up to and get a good vantage point. 

Lord Spink - YouTubeSkyhook is a sprawling city full of skyscrapers and other structures.
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  • Lava Fissure: A set of structures perched on top of another lake of lava which contains a lot of Ziplines that players can use to get across from the underneath openings. There is also an unnamed location just next to Lava Fissure that resembles the Pit from King’s Canyon.
  • Drill Site: The Drill Site is a large location located between two hills which houses several tall, yellow drills that stand high above the map. 
  • Skyhook: A large, metropolis-style POI that features a lot of tall commercial and residential towers all surrounding a gigantic spire that stands in the middle. 
  • Refinery: A smaller location towards the top right corner of the map which houses crates that players can climb up on. 
  • The Epicenter: A central location that is filled with frozen chemical ice surrounding a large yellow machine that dominates most of the POI. 

Lord Spink - YouTubeThe defining aspect of Epicenter is all of the frozen chemical ice from a previous explosion.
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  • OverlookLocated on the eastern edge of the map, Overlook is composed of several structures suspended over the waters that roar underneath. 
  • Capitol CityAnother city-themed POI that is full of skyscrapers, streets, and other structures that would normally be found in a major city. However, the main difference between this location and Skyhook is that a lot of it has been damaged from the Epicenter’s chemical explosion.
  • The GeyserA very tropical-looking location full of bright blue ponds and lush green terrain. There are also springs of water vapor that gush out of the ground that players can use to propel themselves into the air. 

You can check out each of these locations in the video below, courtesy of YouTuber Lord Spink

The brand new World’s Edge map will be available once Season 3: Meltdown launches in Apex Legends on October 1, 2019. 

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