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Apex star dizzy reveals how to pull off crazy World’s Edge zipline trick

Published: 4/Oct/2019 4:50 Updated: 4/Oct/2019 5:30

by Brad Norton


Apex Legends pro player Coby ‘dizzy‘ Meadows has revealed another crazy zipline tactic that has taken getting around Season 3’s new World’s Edge map to a whole new level.

The third season of Apex Legends was released on October 3, bringing with it new weapons, balance updates, a new character, and even an entirely new map.

Players have been hard at work trying to figure out the hidden secrets of the map that replaced King’s Canyon, and some have already begun to master exactly what they need to claim victory after victory in the game.

Advanced movement is nothing new in Respawn‘s frenetic battle royale, but NRG Esports star dizzy’s newest tactic might have changed the game again. In a clip shared on October 3, Meadows appears to have absolutely mastered using one of the new vertical ziplines.

With an enemy shooting down at him from the top of a zipline perch, dizzy maneuvered from left to right, constantly gaining elevation in the process before eliminating the shooter that had been taking pot-shots at him before.

From the first perspective in the clip, we see through the eyes of a fellow Twitch streamer as he misses shot after shot on the pro player. Finally on the same level, dizzy connects return fire of his own to find a swift elimination.

“Woah what the f*ck, did you see that?” the bamboozled streamer asked his teammates while taking damage. One of the most decorated professionals in the Apex Legends scene, it’s no surprise that this stunning play from dizzy caught his opponent by surprise.

Highlighting the ridiculous play from his own POV in the second half of the clip, dizzy shows just how fast he reacted in order to avoid being eliminated.

Immediately noticing the incoming fire, he leaped from side to side and essentially made himself a near-impossible target to connect with. Known for his absurd movement in previous seasons, this could very well be the first instance of a new, advanced movement tactic that pro’s around the globe will benefit from as competitive play shifts to the brand new locale.

Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsAn example of some new terrain found throughout World’s Edge.

Although dizzy is hard at work figuring out how to speed across the new map, other stars have simply been sitting back and enjoying the game. Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is one such streamer, with the Twitch sensation revealing he’s a “big fan” of the new level design.

Apex Legends

What is code:truck error in Apex Legends & how to fix it? Latest from EA

Published: 2/Dec/2020 1:06

by Tanner Pierce


After Apex Legends received its Holo-Day Bash update, many fans are reporting a brand new code:truck error that’s preventing them from entering the game. Here’s what you need to know about the odd server issue that everyone seems to be getting.

Earlier today, the Holo-Day Bash update went live for Apex Legends, which added in a slew of new content, including some skins and a brand new LTM.

Unbeknownst to players, it seems to have added something else to the game that’s causing a lot of people headaches as they try to log-in.

The Apex community is now reporting a new error code:truck when they attempt to log-in, which is causing some major issues and seems to be caused by the Holo-Day Bash update, although this part is a bit unclear. Here’s what you need to know about the error and if there’s anything that can be done to solve it.

What is the code:truck error in Apex Legends

According to the error messages seen by players, either the game itself or the player is “out of sync with the server.” What that actually means is anyone’s guess.

What we do know about code:truck is that it’s preventing people from logging into the game. It’s affecting a large number of people on all platforms, although the exact extent of this is unclear as of the time of this writing.

Hopefully more information will be available soon.

What can be done to fix the code:truck error?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a surefire fix for the error. As of 7:10 EST on December 1, 2020, Electronic Arts and Respawn haven’t released a fix for the bug. That being said, they did comment on the error, saying they are looking into the problem.

Beyond that, however, we have no update as to what’s causing this error for some players, how extensive is the problem, and, most importantly, what the fix is for it.

Over on Reddit, some players are reporting on a few different fixes but none of the them are confirmed. One player reported that they were able to workaround the issue by changing the date and time on their PS4 and few others confirmed its success.

Hopefully a fix becomes available in the near future to avoid it spreading to other people, which would result in the amount of players logging into Apex Legends to plummet.