Apex Legends: How to stop the train on new World’s Edge map


With the Apex Legends Season 3 update came a string of changes, but intuitive players have discovered a way to stop the train on the new World’s Edge map.

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The new Apex Legends map has received some great feedback from players, with the replacement of King’s Canyon initially a cause of concern for some. However, even top streamers such as Shroud are discussing why World’s Edge is so good.

Despite this, one small feature has been really annoying some players; a train that flies through the map, able to kill any player that steps in its way, immediately taking them out of the match.

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RespawnWorld’s Edge has gone down well with Apex Legends players
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This is obviously a nuisance when you’ve dedicated 20 minutes to a game, only to be taken out by a map feature rather than a more skilled player and, although it’s possible to avoid, even the best players get caught out sometimes.

Now, though, players are starting to realize that you can stop the train regardless of where it is. If you jump on the train and head to the carriage at the very front, there is a panel with a button prompt to stop the train.

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Not only is this a great way to avoid dying to the train unexpectedly, but you can also use it tactically for rotations to different areas of the map, whether it be to find better loot or to reach the next safe zone.

More likely than that, though, players will probably find a way to time it to wipe out enemy players and squads to their own advantage.

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If you’re not yet a fan of World’s Edge and want King’s Canyon back, then you’re in luck; it’s been hinted that a new version of the map will be returning for the Halloween Shadowfall LTM event, and it’s been confirmed that map decisions will be made based on player feedback.

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Meanwhile, it’s been rumored that the end of Fortnite – could the two battle royale games be going head-to-head once more?