Second Apex Legends Season 6 teaser appears on World’s Edge map

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer UQowmNq2]The next teaser in Apex Legends has landed, or rather is getting ready to take off, as a new Season 6 clue has appeared on World’s Edge.

Apex players received the first glimpse of what looks to be a part of a larger rocket on July 30. Although it’s far from complete, the teaser is already fueling speculation for what it could mean for the Legends who could be departing for Psmathe.

The teaser is located at the Sorting Factory that lies south of the Fuel Depot and west of Lava City. A hard-to-miss crane with an orange base has appeared on the south side of the high tier loot location carrying an enormous piece of machinery.

While it doesn’t look like much, with what we already know of the Apex story, this could be the first look at the next major vessel of the upcoming season.

We already know that Loba’s mission to finally kill Revenant is going to take her to Psmathe. The planet has already been mentioned in passing since it’s the homeworld of Mirage and Lifeline, but we still haven’t gotten a good look at it.

This faraway land houses Olympus, a city in the skies from the sound of it, which could be the third location of the Apex Games, following Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

But our cast of characters are going to need a way to get there. The first time that Respawn introduced a new map in Season 3, the studio tweeted out the head of the dropship peering out through a heavily clouded sky.

The image of the dropship in the Season 3 trailer, a still that was used to tease World’s Edge.

Fast-forward three more seasons, Respawn could be using World’s Edge as the platform to launch us into the next location they have in mind for the battle royale. If this new crane is indeed carrying the base of a rocket ship, then that’s likely the vehicle that the characters will use to visit Olympus.

Other possibilities could include some sort of development with Hammond Robotics’ technological hold on W.E. This could be another step forward in the mysterious intentions of the company, since the first batch of teasers might have suggested an expanded presence and updates to the Arena.

In either case, there are still four more phases of clues that are scheduled to come out in Respawn’s game within the next couple of weeks, so we’ll be finding out a lot more very soon. Make sure to check out our Apex Legends Season 6 hub for all of the teasers so far and what they could mean.