Crypto goes missing following latest Apex Legends Season 3 map teaser

Alan Bernal

A new teaser for Apex Legends Season 3 hints at a new map after Crypto is now missing from King’s Canyon.

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Apex Legends players can feel there’s a huge change coming to the battle royale, and it looks like a final September 26 clue has all but convinced fans that they’ll soon be competing on a new planet.

Respawn Entertainment have been releasing a swarm of Crypto-related teasers, showing what the mysterious hacker has been up to in the moments leading up to a proper introduction in the Apex Games.

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frozenFroh via RedditCrypto isn’t where he used to be on the Apex Legends map.

The devs are definitely preparing to reveal all soon, seeing as Crypto has completely vanished from Kings Canyon, and possibly en route to another locale.

Various story elements have been lending to the idea of a new planet being introduced for players to explore, and Apex Legends loremaster ‘FrozenFroh’ is starting to see how it’ll all lead up to a huge reveal.

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The new teaser tweeted by the official Apex Legends account showed the front end of the Draconis with the rest of the ship shrouded by clouds on a gloomy atmosphere.


With basic maths, players can deduce that Respawn has something arriving for Friday, September 27 at 10 am, confirming previous suspicions from another teaser.

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Respawn EntertainmentLifeline featured in what could be Psamathe.

But piecing it all together, a new theory of a frost-covered planet might be in the cards for whatever the devs have planned.

Even though “New Dawn” ties together with a previous planet named “Dawn” once seen in a concept for the Titanfall universe, it looks like it might just be Respawn’s way of signaling a new era for the game.

Lifeline and Octane’s home planet of Psamathe is starting to seem likely as the new location, especially since there are unused voice recordings for Legends hinting to a cold environment.

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Not much is known about Psamathe, but an image of Lifeline hanging from a cliff shows a frozen tundra with lava veins prominently in the background.

Whatever might brewing, it seems like there’s only one day left to wait until the Apex Legends devs give players a full look at what’s to come in Season 3 and Crypto is already on his way.

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