Post Malone proves his Apex Legends skills with flashy squad wipe

Post Malone alongisde Octane in Apex LegendsWikiMedia Commons/Respawn

Post Malone once again proved his skills in Apex Legends as he put his team on his back and delivered a pretty impressive squad wipe on Olympus.

Plenty of celebrities and influential faces have spoken openly about their love of gaming over the last few years, but some, like Post Malone, have taken it to whole new levels.

The singer-songwriter hasn’t been shy in talking about his love of Apex Legends, and has even dove into the Twitch streaming side of things, linking up with the likes of iiTzTimmy both inside of the Apex Games and in real life as well. On top of that, he’s even invested in Envy Gaming on the esports side of things.

While his Twitch streams can be pretty infrequent, the rapper kicked off his link up with Respawn and a few familiar faces to host a charity stream on July 18, and while he raised a nice chunk of change, Post also got to style on a few opponents.

Post Malone dominates Apex legends squad in Twitch stream

The rapper, who is hosting a series of streams to benefit a number of different charities, took to Apex for a few hours during his first stream, and immediately set about rolling the competition.

One highlight, though, caught the eyes of fans when Posty and his teammates decided to full rush an enemy squad who were playing the edge of the zone. The rapper’s trio burst into the fight off the back of a Valkyrie rocket barrage and Octane jump pad, but it was his skills with the R-99 and Wingman that impressed fans.

While he was unsure about the aggressive tactic at first, Post quickly, and impressively, ripped through two of the three opposing enemies with pinpoint accurate shots before getting the easy clean-up on the third enemy who had taken significant damage from his teammates.

With his team tasting the sweet taste of success in the fight, Post let out an emphatic cry of “let’s go!” before restocking off the fallen foes’ stack of deathboxes.

It feels pretty unlikely that Post will swap his succesful music career for a shot at the ALGS anytime soon, but he’s certainly got the skill – and the passion – to match some high-ranking players.