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New Apex Legends teaser possibly reveals more about Revenant’s backstory

Published: 29/Apr/2020 23:03 Updated: 30/Apr/2020 0:12

by Alan Bernal


A new teaser for Apex Legends dives into the backstory of a simulacrum believed to be Revenant, and could be hinting at the mysteries players will unravel in Season 5.

The single teaser is a scientific briefing from experiments with ‘PROJECT 617’ that is on trail 7578. Though there isn’t a ton of flash and excitement that usually accompanies a presumed look into the next season, it paints a morbid picture of the process that turns someone into a simulacrum.

There are strong links between a character suspected to be Loba and her quest for revenge on Revenant, who murdered her parents as seen in the Season 4 Assimilation launch trailer.


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This new teaser could be a file on Revenant, or an earlier test subject, and their time during the simulacrum transformation, which revealed a bit more about the torturous process that the experiments had to endure.

Previous teasers showed someone doing research on Project 617. The prevailing thought is that this person is Loba, who would have clear motivations to discover as many weaknesses about simulacrums as possible.

The file revealed that a simulacrum is neither android or cyborg, rather they “fall somewhere between cyborgs and androids on the spectrum of organic to inorganic life.”

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For someone looking to take down a hysterical robotic assassin, this would be a crucial piece of intel since it hints that Revenant’s kind can be destroyed, at least in theory.

Though that will be challenging since the scientists at Hammond Robotics might have used a “Remote Network Intermediary” in the form of organic storage to successfully create simulacrums.

In either case, someone with Loba’s talents and abilities would be smart enough to do her research before executing a plot against the target of her revenge.

Respawn Entertainment
Revenant has some errors in his programming, which is something Loba might exploit in Apex Legends Season 5.

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As the build-up to the next season continues to develop, there are sure to be new pieces of information on Revenant’s kind that the community, as well as Loba, will find out along the way.


While these story teasers don’t directly correlate into the Apex Legends’ gameplay, per se, it could give a glimpse at the type of world events that will unfold in the next season of the battle royale.