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Apex Legends teaser reveals potential first look Loba’s Season 5 storyline

Published: 29/Apr/2020 7:13 Updated: 29/Apr/2020 7:14

by Isaac McIntyre


Apex Legends fans have been given a first look at Season 5’s new storyline, thanks to a mysterious post from Respawn, and it looks like players are finally going to see the next chapter Loba’s quest for revenge.

Last season, Apex players met deadly robo-assassin Revenant for the very first time. In his debut, he murdered potential new character Forge, before leaving a bloody first impression on fans in his bloodsoaked Season 4 reveal trailer.

Revenant discovered his true identity, and took revenge on the men that had created him. His vengeance, however, left a survivor ⁠— a little girl. According to a host of theories, this girl has grown up to become Loba, Season 5’s new legend.

Fans already know a lot about Loba, from her abilities, finishers, and even when she’ll finally appear in-game. In fact, most of what we know about Loba is related to her gameplay. What wasn’t as clear, however, was her backstory.

Now it looks like Respawn is finally lifting the lid on what the Technological Tracker has been up to ahead of Apex Games debut: hunting down the man ⁠— or murder-robot if you prefer ⁠— that killed her father when she was a little girl.

Revenant's blood-soaked debut in the Season 4 Assimilation trailer left a young girl orphaned -- could it have been Loba?
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant’s blood-soaked debut in the Season 4 Assimilation trailer left a young girl orphaned could it have been Loba?

Loba searches for clues on how to kill Revenant

The teaser, posted on the official @PlayApex account on April 28, has two elements. The first is text set out like folders. It suggests the information in the attached image was stolen from a Hammond Robotics “Project 617” email chain.

The actual email we’ve seen before. It tells the story of two high-ranking Hammond officials terrified by the fact Revenant has gone rogue. What Apex players haven’t seen before are the post-it notes stuck to the computer terminal.

There are three notes, each which appear to be thoughts scribble onto paper. One can only assume these are Loba’s hasty messages for herself. The left-most note draws attention to Revenant’s source code ⁠— a potential way to kill him.

The second and third notes seem to back up this idea. Messages like “Security?” and “Can’t be stopped?” speak volumes about the writer ⁠— again, we can only assume this is Loba hot on Rev’s tail ⁠— wanting to shut the simulacrum down.

Could Loba be introduced in a battle with Revenant?

There’s been no confirmation Loba will be the legend arriving in Season 5, but at this point, it would be a pretty big shock. We’ve already seen basically everything there is to know about a character in the code. She should be on her way.

This teaser suggests Loba, if she really is the young girl from the Assimilation trailer, is close to catching her father’s killer. In fact, she likely already knows he’s in the Apex Games, and is just making sure she can kill him when she arrives.

If Loba really is joining the Apex Games this season, she and Revenant will have to come face-to-face eventually.
Respawn Entertainment
If Loba really is joining the Apex Games this season, she and Revenant will have to come face-to-face eventually.

For now, though, Apex fans will have to sit tight. Season 5’s arrival, originally slated for May 5, has now been bumped back to May 12. Planned teasers have been similarly delayed, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the next story clue.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends cosplayer takes Horizon outfit to new heights

Published: 5/Dec/2020 17:13

by Joe Craven


An Apex Legends cosplayer has stunned fans of Respawn’s BR by bringing Horizon to life, ensuring the Season 7 legend has never looked so real. 

The Apex Legends community has an incredible connection with Respawn’s source material, regularly sharing artwork, videos and cosplays inspired by the world and characters.

Horizon cosplays are obviously still fairly new, given that the Scottish legend was only added with Season 7. The Gravitational Manipulator has brought new levels of verticality to the Olympus map, thanks to her Gravity Lift, Spacewalk and Black Hole abilities.

As far as aesthetics go, Horizon is known for her spacesuit theme. Her iconic ginger hair protrudes out the top of her suit. It’s an awesome look, simultaneously cool and terrifying to see coming towards you in-game.

Horizon driving a vehicle in Season 7 trailer
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon’s abilities give incredible movement options.

One cosplayer, though, took on the challenge and, with some incredible skill, came out looking exactly like the legend herself.

Sosenka (@itlookslikekilled on Instagram) shared her Horizon look on December 4, stunning her followers and the Apex community alike. She has previously shared a Loba cosplay, but many agreed that her Horizon look was even more impressive.

The white suit is complete to perfection, with the goggles and arm bands even down to a tee. At the time of writing, it sits at just shy of 9,000 likes.


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A post shared by Sosenka (@itlookslikekilled)

The look was so good that it even drew the attention of Elle Newlands – the voice actress behind the Season 7 legend.

She said: “I stan, you stan, we all stan for the #Horizon Cosplay Queen!” 

Horizon, despite being fairly new to the game, has taken well to the Olympus map, currently sitting in our A-Tier in our legend rankings. Her pick rates are fairly high, and abilities incredibly useful. Cosplays as good as this only make us want to use her more.